Lower Odor Wetness Indicator Glue For Baby Adult Diapers


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Application Temperature


Color (Coated Line)


Color (Cake)




Viscosity (@110℃)


Viscosity (@100℃)


Softening Point



1.5kgs/cake, 12cakes/cartons, 18kgs/carton

Shelf Life

One year


Baby Diaper, Incontinence Briefs, Pull-ups Pants


Wetness Indicator Glue For Baby Adult Diapers

Product Details:

Type of Adhesive

High performance hot melt adhesive for the use as wetness indicator within personal hygiene products, such as baby diaper, adult diaper.

Typical Applications

Application performance achieved for slot coat or fine line.

Suitable Substrates

Typically applied on the inside of PE or breathable PE diapers back sheet substrates.

Product Benefits

  • Yellow product in dry state at room temperature
  • Changes to blue in contact with saline water (0.9% NaCl solution)
  • Fast indication speed upon insult
  • Improved color migration
  • Lower Odor
  • Humidity resistant and thermally stable

Fast Indication Speed Upon Insult

  • It will indicate in the presence of urine in less than 30 seconds, some other adhesive wetness indicators can take over 2 minutes
  •  to indicate.
  • Using tape water (24℃/80ml) in the lab immediately after the diapers go off line. Color changing speed is fast with obvious color change within 1 minute.
  • Faster and distinct color change for immediate indication of wetness, making it easier to notice urination of infants that inform mums for diaper changes on time.

Improved Color Migration

  1. Add 38℃/150ml saline water every 30 minutes, in total 3 times
  2. Tear the back sheet from the core
  3. Our samples show no migration, while another one show obvious color migration to the core.

Odor Comparison

  • The wetness indicator glue is lower odor.
  • Low odor provides an almost imperceptible smell for diapers, lower odor than other adhesive wetness indicators.

Humidity Resistance Testing

  • The wetness indicator glue doesn’t change color, after put in the 38℃/RH 90% oven for 8hours. It can meet the humidity resistance requirement from customers.
  • It virtually eliminates premature color change.

Improved Safety

AOX testing by 3rd party, AOX is less than 5mg/kg. (AOX: Absorbable Organic Halogen), which is safer to use.

Good blue Color Change

A bright blue color as a distinct visual indicator that will stand out even on colored back sheets, good blue color stability with rare color migration to the core reducing the risk of skin.

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