At SUNREE hook and loop tapes we use our decades of experience manufacturing closure system to help solve even your most personal care applications. Whole series of hook and loop tape for baby diaper, pull-up pants, adult diaper, adult pants, sanitary napkins, panty shield, ladies pants and dog diaper. As known as closure tape, fastener, fastening tape, landing zone, frontal tape, side tape, etc. With excellent processing capability to make quality with direct factory price, including silicone bond, PE or PP coated, lamination, embossing, printing.

Intergrated Closure Systems

SUNREE hook and loop tapes offer a full range of solutions for all your closure needs, including a variety of adhesive tapes and mechanical closure tapes and closure components.

Adhesive Closures

Mechanical Closures

Closure Components

Explore Popular Hook And Loop

SUNREE hook and loop tapes offer a full range of closure solutions for all your personal care products needs that add functionality and provide high performance in both open type diapers, pant type diaper and feminine pads. Our portfolio includes conventional two and three layer closure system, and mechanical closures with hooks, elastic closure tape, and loop system. In addition, we also provide complementary components for diaper closure tapes.

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Hook And Loop Tailored to Hygiene Industry

SUNREE portfolio of hook and loop closure system solutions for applications in the baby care, feminine hygiene and incontinence care. Including pressure-sensitive adhesive closure tape, hook-based closure tape, bopp loop frontal tape, mechanical loop frontal tape.

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Adhesive Closure Tape

PP adhesive closure tape is mainly made from polypropylene film and pressure-sensitive adhesive with silicone bond process. It is mainly used for the manufacture of open type diaper, pant diaper and feminine napkin, include Y-bond duo tape, Y-bond triple tape, Z-fold disposal tape and reseal pouch tape.

Mechanical Closure Tape

Closure hook tape, also known as magic side tape, mechanical hook diaper tape, fastening tape, elastic side tape. It is mainly made from nonwoven fabric, hook and hot melt adhesive with silicone bond process. Applied on premium baby diaper and adult diaper. It is widely used with textile loop frontal tape and nonwoven frontal tape.

BOPP Frontal Tape

BOPP film as diapers landing zone for adhesive-based closure system, with silicone coated process that allows re-opening of the closure tape. It can be transparent, non-transparent with printing.

Mechanical Loop Frontal Tape

Mechanical loop as diapers landing zone for hook and loop closure system, made from polyamide, polyester or nonwoven material with lamination and embossing process, include knitted loop frontal tape, suede loop frontal tape, nonwoven loop frontal tape.

Pattern Tissue for Pant

SUNREE pattern tissue is made from premium pulp fiber to ensure the suction effect during production to improve production efficiency and reduce wastage. It can be printed as per specific demands. It is widely used for the manufacture of baby and adult diaper pants.

Closure Components

In addition to adhesive closure tape and mechanical closure tape, SUNREE offers complementary closure components that can be combined with our closure systems, including pp coated nonwove, molded hook and hotmelt adhesive. 

Why Choose Sunree​?

We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality products that meet all your needs. SUNREE is able to lead you by hand in your hygiene business everywhere. With 10+ years of experience, SUNREE is well versed in this field.

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The FAQs You Might Want To Know

These frequently asked questions mention almost answers you might want to know before buying hook and loop tape. We hope these informations could help you make a better decision.

What is diapers nonwoven frontal tape?

Nonwoven frontal tape is produced by heat-lamination technology, it is applied to frontal tape of diapers, and work with closure hook side tape, such as Y-bond side tape, S-shape type nonwoven hook tape.

What is diapers textile frontal tape?

Textile loop frontal  tape is produced by heat-lamination technology, textile and film as materials. Also known as magic frontal tape, knitted loop frontal tape, rushed frontal tape, landing zone panel. It can work with magic side tape as diapers closure system.

What is diapers BOPP frontal tape?

What is diapers PP side tape?

What is diapers Y-bond magic side tape?

What is diapers S-type nonwoven side tape?

What is diapers elastic side tape?

Can I ask the samples before buying full quantity?

Yes, samples could be provided. We can help you to arrange shipment, you just need to provide your courier account, or pay the express fee if you don’t have it. You can also assign the one you worked with.

How can I order and make payment?​

Once clear your purpose or requirements, samples can be provided for checking, SUNREE will provide you with the best solution. Payment terms can be TT, L/C, etc.

How to ensure the quality of your hook and loop tape?

Advanced production line, defect auto marking, surface inspection, real-time monitoring, and more online quality monitoring devices. Strict compliance with national and industrial standards, processes from supplier qualification inspection, lab test, incoming quality inspection, first article inspection, in-process inspection, last article inspection, finished productions incoming inspection, and delivery inspection. We will not lower our quality standard, zero tolerance for defective and substandard nonwoven fabric, it should be done through multiple and strict inspections to ensure 100% good quality. The quality of nonwoven fabrics we supply is trusted by well-known enterprises and brands worldwide.

What is the package of your hook and loop tape?

Wrapped with PE stretch film and enclosed by corrugated kraft headers designed to be suitable for long-distance transportation to be well protected against dampness, moisture, and rough handling.

What is the MOQ?

Please don’t hesitate to confirm with us for the type of nonwoven fabric. Generally regular white color, MOQ is 1000kgs. For specific color, MOQ is 4000kgs.

Based on our integrated supply chain, one container can be mix loaded with some items as your wish, which can save your procurement cost.

What’s your delivery term?​

We are rich experience in exporting. FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP, DAP delivery terms can be accpeted, or as your wish.

How long is the delivery time?​

For regular type, the lead time of nonwoven fabric is 1-2 weeks after receiving the deposit or 100% payment into our bank account, color one should be 3-4 weeks.

If we are producing nonwoven fabric which is similar to yours, the lead time might be shortened.

What about the shipping?​

We can ship in small batches by way of air express or larger ones by the container, and mix loading with some other items in one container. To save costs, you can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder.

Please don’t forget that we are located in the coastal areas of China, which means that we have the most convenient maritime transportation!

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