SUNREE offers the most innovative and performing landing zones frontal tape tabs and closure refastenable side tapes for baby diapers and adult incontinence briefs, as well as disposal tapes for pull-ups pant, reseal easy tape for sanitary napkin pads, which are easy to fasten and offer amazing release and shear performance. With a full range of high quality frontal tapes and side tapes that can provide proper fit and secure to meet specific needs in personal hygiene products or healthcare applications.

Products By Needs

SUNREE offers a full range of hook and loop fasteners for all your personal hygiene product needs, including a variety of adhesive tapes, mechanical closure tapes and closure components.

adhesive closures

Adhesive Closure Tapes

Our adhesive closure systems are cost-efficient, and specifically designed for personal hygiene products. Our portfolio includes tapes for diaper side tapes, disposal tape for baby pants and reseal tape for feminine napkins.

mechanical closures

Nonwoven Closure Hook Tapes

We offer a wide portfolio of mechanical tapes in different structures, sizes and colors. Our range comprises Y-bond, I-bond and S-shape mechanical side tapes design include single lane and multilane hooks, different color fingerlift.

closure components

Closure System Components

We offer a wide range of closure components engineered for reliability when used in combination with adhesive and mechanical tapes, while designs include release-coated BOPP, textile knitted loop and nonwoven loop.

Hook And Loop Tailored to Hygiene Products

SUNREE hook and loop tapes are tailored to each market segment of disposable hygiene products and meet our customers’ expectations in terms of softness, fit, comfort and customization.

Adhesive Closure Tapes

We offer adhesive-based PP Y-bond duo tapes for cost-effective open baby diaper and adult diaper, as well as triple tapes for adult diaper, disposal tapes for pull-ups pant. SUNREE adhesive tapes offer an attractive combination of reliability and cost-effective performance, a strong bond between the tape and even the softest substrates, specifically designed for personal hygiene products.

While the diaper is worn, SUNREE Y-bond adhesive duo tape provides a reliable and secure closure onto BOPP frontal tape landing zone, this tape can be opened and closed repeatedly. It is based on pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive, for open type baby diapers and incontinence briefs are precombined with Y-bond structure, which ensures a solid bond onto the diaper ear.

SUNREE Z-fold adhesive disposal tape can be used to wrap a pull-ups pant diaper into a secure package for disposal, the structure and SUNREE innovative stretchable film gives our disposal tapes the possibility to several times its original length.

One of the critical elements of a diaper is the fact that it can be extremely soft and absorbent, but it is useless when the closure tape malfunctions. SUNREE adhesive closure tapes are the traditional tapes for baby and adult diapers, they are used in combination with a silicone-coated landing zone to allow reclosability without damaging the diaper back sheet.

SUNREE adhesive closure tapes represents the ideal answer for value tier of diapers, combining a cost-effective solution with a typical high performance of SUNREE closure tapes.

Adhesive Closure Tapes
Mechanical Closure Tapes

Mechanical Closure Hook Tapes

We offer hook-based closure tapes for premium adult and baby diapers. Engineered for use with open baby and adult diapers, provides an attractive combination of reliability and high performance, a strong bond between the tape and even the softest substrates, and helps minimize the risk of leakage and contamination.

SUNREE hook tape is mainly made by nonwoven, hook and pressure-sensitive adhesive, providing a reliable and secure closure onto textile-based and nonwoven-based loop frontal tape landing zones.

We have a wide portfolio of hook and loop tapes in a range of constructions, colors, sizes. Constructions include Y-bond, S-shape, I-bond. Designs include single, multilane straight hooks and multilane wave hooks, different colors of fingerlift, fastening tape, and release tape. Customized sizes of each part.

SUNREE closure hook tapes feature high tension strength nonwoven and high peel force performance hooks that use in combination with textile-knitted or nonwoven loop-based landing zones. The tapes allow the diapers to be opened and reliably closed multiple times. it offers a more evolved and reliable solution than adhesive closures, which are sensitive to contamination by products.

Closure System Components

We offer closure components, including each parts of closure tape including fastening film, release film, molded hook, coated nonwoven, PSA adhesive, landing zones (Bopp, textile loop and nonwoven loop). These components are engineered for reliability and performance.

Silicone-coated BOPP frontal tape is a landing zone used in combination with adhesive side tape, consisting of a silicone-coated film that allows re-opening.

Textile-based loop and nonwoven-based loop frontal tapes are landing zones used in combination with SUNREE high-performance diaper closure hook side tapes, designed to provide a cloth-like touch and greater aesthetic appeal. The tapes allow baby and adult diapers to be opened and reliably closed multiple times. SUNREE textile knitted loop has a continuous film backing that enables efficient, reliable processing on the high-speed machine. SUNREE nonwoven-based loops are made from soft nonwoven material, available either as an open nonwoven, 2-layer nonwoven, or with a laminated PE film or PP coated, it does not have an adhesive.

Custom print designs available in a variety of formats to meet growing market trends toward registered cut and size-specific designs. It can be printed up to 8 colors in high definition. Customized designs are realized shortly and can be made as per customers’ specific needs. Nonetheless we can also supply a wide range of public designs with shorter lead time.

A diaper closure tape is only part of a closure system, the performance of a closure tape often depends on the quality of its components and landing zone frontal tapes. The choice of landing zone substrate will have significant impact on the closure tape’s performance.

Closure System Components

Why Choose Us

We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality products that meet all your needs. SUNREE is able to lead you by hand in your hygiene business everywhere. With 15+ years of experience, SUNREE is well versed in this field.

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The FAQs You Might Want To Know

These frequently asked questions mention almost answers you might want to know before buying hook and loop tape. We hope these informations could help you make a better decision.

What is diapers hook and loop?

It is an adjustable closure obtained by pressing two parts together. The gripping penetrates the landing zone loop. On opening, the hooks open and release the loop, the shape of hooks are mushroom, and the most common of diapers are knitted loop and nonwoven loop.

What is PP adhesive side tape?

PP adhesive closures tape is mainly made from polypropylene film and pressure-sensitive adhesive with silicone bond process. It is mainly used for the manufacture of open type diaper, pants diaper and feminine napkin, include Y-bond duo tape, Y-bond triple tape, Z-fold disposal tape and reseal tape.

What is diapers closure hook tape?

Diapers closure hook tape, also known as mechanical closures, includes magic hook side tape, textile knitted and nonwoven loop frontal tape. Closure hook side tape is mainly made from nonwoven fabric, molded hook and pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive. It is widely used in premium baby diaper and adult diaper, used in combination with textile loop frontal tape and nonwoven frontal tape.

What is diapers nonwoven frontal tape?

Nonwoven closures are made from soft nonwoven material, available either as an single nonwoven fabric or with a laminated PE film or PP coated, it does not have an adhesive. It can be printed on request. It is widely used in combination with closure hook side tape.

What is diapers textile frontal tape?

Knitted loop frontal tape is made from textile and thin opp film. Also known as magic frontal tape, knitted loop frontal tape, brushed frontal tape, landing zone panel. It is used in combination with magic side tape as diapers closure system.

What is diapers Y-bond magic side tape?

It is hook-based closure tape for open type baby and adult diaper are precombined with Y-bond construction, the Y-bond ensures a solid bond onto the diaper ear.

Can I ask the samples before buying full quantity?

Yes, samples could be provided.

How can I order and make payment?​

Once clear your purpose or requirements, samples can be provided for testing first. Payment terms can be TT, LC, CAD etc.

What is the MOQ?

Please don’t hesitate to confirm with us for the type of tapes. Regular specifications and white color, MOQ is 1000kgs.

Based on our integrated supply chain, one container can be mix loaded with some items as your wish, which can save your procurement cost.

What’s your delivery term?​

We are rich experience in exporting. FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP, DAP delivery terms can be accpeted, or as your wish.

How long is the delivery time?​

For regular type, the leading time is 1-2 weeks after receiving the deposit or 100% payment into our bank account.

What about the shipping?​

We can ship in small batches by way of air express or larger ones by the container, and mix loading with some other items in one container. To save costs, you can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder.

Please don’t forget that we are located in the coastal areas of China, which means that we have the most convenient maritime transportation!

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