Manufacturing baby diaper making machine, sanitary pads making machine, adult diaper making machine, underpads machine, wet tissue machine, household paper machine and packaging machine. With high-end equipment and skilled staff, we are capable of fulfilling your customization needs for your machines!

What Do You Want To Produce?

Hygiene products and household paper including baby diaper, baby nappy, adult diaper, pet diaper, women’s sanitary napkins and pantyliner, under pads, wet tissue, paper roll, facial tissue, napkin paper, handkerchief paper, face mask, etc., we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

Customize Your Machine

With our experienced engineers, you can customize the machine to manufacture your desire hygiene product, wet tissue and household paper. We have a team of skilled engineers who are always now working on new machine designs for the latest products.

Product Types

Product Size

Production Speed

Package Types

Baby Diaper Making Machine

We have gathered different features both from domestic and abroad to enhance the functions of our machines. There are different baby diaper sizes for different markets, you can choose the sizes from newborns to infants and implement into one machine.

I-shaped Baby Diaper Production Line

Full Waistband Baby Diaper Machine


Elastic Ear T-shaped Baby Diaper Machine

Baby Pants Diaper Machine

Wanna Turnkey Solution For Baby Diaper Production?

You can leave us your email here and our experienced team will contact with you within 24 hours.

Fully Automatic Diaper Packing Machine​

Fully Automatic Diaper Packing Machine

Speed: 40 packs/min for premade bag

Semi Automatic Diaper Packing Machine​

Semi Automatic Diaper Packing Machine

Speed: 35 packs/min for premade bag

Economical Diaper Packing Machine​

Economical Diaper Packing Machine

Speed: 20 packs/min for premade bag

High Speed Full Servo Stacker​

High Speed Full Servo Stacker

Speed: 1000 pcs/min, 50 push/min

Feminine Napkin Making Machine

Our sanitary napkin making machines are ideal for producing high-quality sanitary pads. The machine is robust and easy to operate. All machine parts are from well-known brands to ensure superior performance. We recommend to produce two different sizes to avoid compromising the stability of the machine and quality of products, for example 240mm/280mm, 280mm/320mm.

Pantyliner Machine

Feminine Sanitary Napkins Machine


Sanitary Napkins Packing Machine

Adult Diaper Making Machine

Each of our incontinence diaper machines can produce a different style including I shape or T shape. Customize your machines to make different sizes of adult diaper, adult pants, menstrual pants – medium, large, and exlarge. You can choose a particular size to produce, then a different one for another operation. This can speed up your production and save you labor costs.

Adult Diaper Pants Machine

Adult Diaper Machine

Wet Tissue Production Line

Customize your wet tissue machines to make different package – 1-2pcs/pack, 5-30pcs/pack, 30-120pcs/pack, canister pack.

SR-2700A Full Automatic High-speed Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 300-400 cuts/min
Pack: 30-120pcs/pack

SR-2700B Full Automatic High-speed Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 300-400 cuts/min

SR-2700C Full Automatic Auto-splicing High-speed Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 300-400 cuts/min

SR-2800 Full Automatic High-speed Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 250-350 cuts/min

SR-6 Wet Wipes Folding Machine

Speed: 200-280 cuts/min

SR-200(E) Full Automatic Wet Wipes Machine

Speed: 150-220 pcs/min

SR-2035A Full Automatic Single Lane Wet Tissue Machine

Speed: 300-420 pcs/min

SR-2035B Full Automatic Doulbe Lanes Wet Tissue Machine

Speed: 700-800 pcs/min

SR-2035BN Full Automatic Double Lanes Auto Splicing Wet Tissue Machine

Speed: 700-800 pcs/min

SR-2035C Full Automatic Double Lanes Wet Tissue Machine

Speed: 700-1000 pcs/min

SR-211 Semi Automatic Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 450-650 pcs/min

SR-360 Full Automatic Wet Tissue Packing Machine

Speed: 30-60 packages/min

SR-5800 Full Automatic Wet Wipes Lid Applicator

Speed: 50-80 lids/min

Household Paper Production Line

Facial Tissue

Toilet Roll / Kitchen Towel

Napkin Paper / Hand Towel

Handkerchief Paper

Jumbo Roll Tissue

Cotton Towel

Facial Tissue Single Wrapper

Speed: 30-120 packs/min

Box Facial Tissue Packaging Machine

Speed: 60-100 boxes/min

Cotton Towel Packing Machine

Speed: 45-60 packs/min

European Style Bag Bundle Packing Machine For Facial Tissue

Speed: 10-35 packs/min

Automatic Hand Towel Packing Machine

Speed: 10-25 packs/min

Tissue Shrinking Packing Machine

Tissue Products Case Packing Machine

Speed: 5-12 ctns/min

Thin Facial Packing Machine

Speed: 120 packs/min

Handkerchief Paper Production Line

Speed: 600-700 pcs/min

Bag Making Machine With Gusset

Speed: 80 pcs/min

Toilet Roll / Kitchen Towel Rewinder & Cutter Machine

Speed: 150 cuts/min, 2 rolles/cut

Paper Film Packing Machine For Tissue Rolls

Speed: 80-100 packs/min

Paper Roll Single Packaging Machine

Speed: 100-180 packs/min

Paper Roll Bundle Packaging Machine

Speed: 25 packs/min

Paper Roll Big Bundling Machine

Speed: 10 packs/min

Manufacturing Process Flow

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the component parts used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of purchasing a baby diaper machine:



Designing a machine that meets your requirements

The first phase for each project is feasibility studies, product positioning, understanding the product specification and structure, specific raw materials used, technical details and the expected functions of the machine, certification of electrical parts, we will find the best solution for you. Sunree will work with you closely to design the machine upon receipt of your confirmation.

parts testing


Resource integration, CNC machine parts manufacturing and quality control

After the machine design is confirmed, we will work for component parts processing in CNC centre, we subcontract processing including turn-milling, five axis, and gantry CNC machining center are introduced from Mazak, Moirisiki and Tsugami in Japan which are the world’s most advanced equipment. And purchase of high-precision parts and components used in the machine.
All component parts have to go through testing within the quality control department in accordance with ISO9001 quality control system. Sunree makes sure that each part is of the exact same quality and size as indicated on the machine design.

machinery assemble


Machine assembly and calibrating

We assemble the machine according to the drawing at the assembly facility by the use of high precision mechanical tooling and full-servo technology with high automation levels. Then calibrate the machine and put it into trial operation. We start by setting standards of production speed, stability and product performance, then start the machine and test its actual performance. Sunree skillful and well-experienced professional engineers will work together on the calibration and modification to meet your demands.

machine test run


Machine delivery, field installation, commissioning and training

After calibrating the machine, we will invite the customer to inspect the machine at our factory to confirm the machine’s performance, and then arrange the delivery.
After the machine has reached the customer’s plant, Sunree engineers will be assigned on-site, taking care of the assemble and calibration, and train your staff.

Quality Assurance

quality assurance


External processing inspection which before machines installation, there is drawing for every parts external processing which should be signed by technical director, we won’t adapt the drawing without sign. After finished parts processing, we have experienced QC engineer inspect according to drawing by all kinds of measuring tools, if approve inspection (if in 13 TOLERANCE grade range), then can be warehouse in and wait for installation; if not pass inspection, will be rework or scrap disposal, for special parts which have size discrepancy, will be inspected and decided by production manager, so that oaccuracy rate for our parts on the equipments can reach 100%.

quality assurance


Inspection after equipments’ finishing. Equipments will be installed by experienced master and after first step testing, will be checked by installation master, responsible installation master will connect and install all the equipments which customer purchased in our workshop, inspect equipments’ shake and noise, find problem and solve it before delivery, finally report to production department for recording; Sunree will make marks among equipments and video for these equipments before disassembling, so that can assure high efficiency installation in customer’s plant.

Dynamic Balance Test

The dynamic balance test of the rotating part is carried out by the domestic advanced balancing machine, according to different speed and loads of the spare parts, to ensure all spare parts are stable during machine running.

Hardness & Heat Treatment Test

The metal material requirement is higher for core parts, so we use new materials at home and abroad, to establish our standard heat treatment processing, and also use hardness testing , to improve hardness of spare parts and increase resistance.

Measure Of Precision

Precision testing includes dimension tolerance and shape tolerance testing, we use specific testing equipment to ensure the accurate of each spare part.

After Sales Services

Phone Assistance

Remote Teleservicing

On-site Support

Production Assistance



Technical Analysis

Spare Parts Support

Upgrades And Retrofits

Life-time Assistance

Professional Technical Personnels

Our service and spare parts department are efficient and rapid due to the fact we have our very own highly skilled technicians.

International Universal Parts

We use 80% of internationally, universal, electrical components to facilitate our customers maintenance needs.

After-sales Service & Maintenance

Our salesmen and engineers will pay annual visits to our customers for regular checking and offering maintenance suggestions, to make their production lines keep running perfectly.

Quality Management During Production

Processing components and part with superior manufacturing equipments and testing devices, and in accordance with ISO9001, Sunree carries out strict quality management during production.

Warranty Time

12 months as warranty time, life-time assistance.

Installation Engineers

Installation engineers have rich debugging experience overseas.

Ready For Shipment

diaper machine shipping 1
diaper machine shipping 3
diaper machine shipping 2
diaper machine shipping 5
diaper machine shipping 6
wet wipes shipping 1
wet wipes shipping 3
diaper machine shipping 4

The FAQs Throughout The Process

We have reference project in most countries, if we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us, we can tell you their contact imformation, you can go to visit their factory.

You are always welcome to come to visit our company, and see the machine running in our factory and our domestic customer’s factory, we can pick you up from the station near our city.

Contact us, you can get video of our reference running machine.

Turnkey project available.

We can help you to start a new company in personal hygiene product making. Please contact with our team.

We can design the machines according your requirements (product type, power, package type and so on), at the same time we will give you professional suggestion by many years industrial experience.

We offer you high quality machines with 1 year guarantee and supply life-time technical support.

EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF delivery terms.

30% of total value is required as down payment upon the confirmation of the Contract and 70% to be paid before delivery.

We have been certificated by the famous cercification authority.

Standard export packing.

As specific requirement, major products using export plywood case packing, small products use thick carton packing, ensure that the product packaging integrity and safety.

Normally production time is around 30-150days, the exactly depend on what kind of machine you order. The shipping time is based on your destination port.

The buyer dispatch the team to inspect the machine at our factory. Raw materials are covered by the buyer if the testing over 30minutes, Inspection standard as the the confirmed product drawing, working speed and hygiene national standard.

You should make sure every preparation works are ready (electricity, air supply, materials), then contact with our sales people, we will dispatch engineer to install the machine for you, and train your employees to use the machine well. Normally when your preparation is done, you can contact with our sales people and cooperate us to get the visa for the engineer and our engineer will be there within 15 days.

We will dispatch our engineers to your factory to install the machines and train your staff how to operate the machines. Customer pay the engineer’s expenses (including return air tickets, accommodation and USD100/day/person.

According your machines order, we will dispatch one or two engineers (mechanical engineer and electrical engineer) to your plant, the working time per day is 8 hours, it will take about 15 days to 20 days.

We will send one year enough easy broken spare parts together with the machines, shipping together. During the warranty time, we will supply the spare parts with our cost including the delivery fees.

Ask For A Quick Quote

Tell us what kind of support you need, we will reach out to you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@ sunreehygiene.com”

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