Demand for nonwoven and high-performance hygiene hot melt adhesive continues to increase as the need for disposable hygiene products and medical products, such as disposable baby diapers, pull-up pants, feminine sanitary napkins, adult diaper, underpads, surgical dressing, medical plaster and medical fixing tape.

Hot Melt Adhesives By Needs

Despite the face that hot melt adhesives are only a small parts of the total materials used in disposable hygiene products and medical products, they play a fundamental role in delivering the enhanced functionality required for meeting the changing demands of consumers.

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Hot Melt Adhesive Tailored to Your Industry

Today, the hygiene and medical industry are driven by hot melt adhesives innovation designed to reduce waste, and improve safety. Their role in the transformation of hygiene and medical solutions and products in the market, cannot be underestimated.

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Construction Hot Melt Adhesive

SUNREE offers construction hot melt adhesive which has a wide variety of the industry proven, whether it be rubber based or olefin based technology, that provide optimized performance and supply assurance. The levels of bond strength achieved across a wide variety of materials enables customers to easily manage material substitutions, gaining increased production flexibility and material cost savings.

construction hot melt adhesive

Elastic Hot Melt Adhesive

SUNREE offers elastic attachment hot melt adhesive which provides state-of-the-art performance to deliver the ultimate creep resistance at the lowest coat weights. It provides strong bonds for areas where high shear resistance is needed on baby diapers and pull up diapers.

elastic hot melt adhesive

Positioning Hot Melt Adhesive

SUNREE offers positioning hot melt adhesive with industry proven performance. It can be applied across a variety of back sheets, as well as the release material or directly to the back sheet. Consumers will be confident in the final product performance, eliminating the risk of complaints.

positioning hot melt adhesive

Wetness Indicator Adhesive

SUNREE offers wetness indicator adhesive which has high humidity resistance, a low odor, and virtually eliminates premature wetness indicator color change. A fast, dark blue color indication happens immediately in response to urine and is a definitive visual change that lasts.

wetness indicator adhesive

Bio-based Hot Melt Adhesive

Increasing environmental awareness of consumers and subsequent regulations is driving the hygiene industry to improve the sustainability of its products and processes. SUNREE offers biology based construction hot melt adhesive, which of good bond strength and stable adhesion performance.

bio-based hot melt adhesive

Low Temperature Adhesive

SUNREE offers several lower application temperature hot melt adhesives that drive sustainability and safety for the manufacturers of disposable hygiene products. It can be applied at a temperature around 130℃ to 140℃, as opposed to the 160℃ to 175℃ required for standard hot melt adhesives.

low temp adhesive

Medical Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

SUNREE offers tapes adhesives, secure stick to skin. Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it varies greatly from person to person. Skin can be fragile, wet, elastic, oily, dry, or any number of combinations. Choosing the right skin attachment hot melt adhesive is both fundamental and critical when designing a medical tapes, bandages, wound dressings, fixing tape, incision film, medical drapes, gowns and patch to ensure successful attachment to the skin.

medical hot melt adhesive

Specialty Adhesive

SUNREE offers several lower application temperature hot melt adhesives that drive sustainability and safety for the manufacturers of disposable hygiene products. It can be applied at a temperature around 130℃ to 140℃, as opposed to the 160℃ to 175℃ required for standard hot melt adhesives.

low temp adhesive

The FAQs You Might Want To Know

These frequently asked questions mention almost answers you might want to know before buying hot melt adhesive. We hope these informations could help you make a better decision.

What is hot melt adhesive?

Hot melt adhesive, also known as hot melt glue and HMA, it is a thermoplastic adhesive, its physical state will change with the temperature at a certain temperature range, with unchanged chemical properties. It is solid at room temperature, melts when heated, and the formation of the bond is from molten to solid. The main composition is resin, mineral oil, SIS/SBS or polyolefin.

The common technical indicators of hotmelt adhesive: Gardner, Brookfield viscosity, initial adhesion, softening point, open time, curing time, thermal stability, aging resistance, creep resistance, bonding strength.

What is brookfield viscosity?

Brookfield viscosity of hot melt adhesive influences the spread of applied adhesive and the wetting of the surfaces. Temperature-dependent, the higher temperature lowers viscosity.

What is open time of hot melt adhesive?

The maximum time interval from the applications of hot melt adhesive until the surface can still be bonded to the materials, it has a good bonding effect in open time.

What is initial adhesion of hot melt adhesive?

Ability to bond other materials under light pressure.

What is thermal stability of hot melt adhesive?

Hot melt adhesive is observed in the high-temperature oven for different days of change, the smaller the change, the better thermal stability.

What is aging resistance of hot melt adhesive?

The extent to which the bonding strength or adhesive force changes over time during storage of the bonding system at toom temperature.

Can I ask the samples before buying bulk quantity?

We are pleased to send you samples to test the quality. We are confident that once you get it in your hand, you will be very satisfied. Moreover, with our professional services and moderate prices, we believe that we will be one of your expected choices.

How can I order and make payment?​

Once clear your requirement and determine which product is ideal for you, we will send you official proforma invoice. Payment terms can be TT bank transfer, L/C, Paypal, etc.

What is the MOQ?

Please don’t hesitate to confirm with us for the purpose of hot melt adhesive. Regular hot melt adhesive MOQ is 1000kgs.

Based on our integrated supply chain, one container can be mix loaded with some items, which can save your procurement cost.

What’s your delivery term?​

We are rich experience in exporting. FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP, DAP delivery terms can be accpeted, or as your wish.

How long is the delivery time?​

For regular type, the lead time is 1-2 weeks after receiving the deposit or 100% payment into our bank account.

What about the shipping?​

We can ship in small batches by way of air express or larger ones by the container, and mix loading with some other items in one container. To save costs, you can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder.

Please don’t forget that we are located in the coastal areas of China, which means that we have the most convenient maritime transportation!

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