We are committed to developing ultra-thin absorbent core materials for disposable hygiene products, including sanitary napkins, ladies pads, baby diapers, and working with customers to find tailored absorbency solutions that solve the challenges and optimize their growth.

Products By Needs

SUNREE has extended its range of offerings focused on varying customer needs for both product and production requirements. We go through strict processes based on product quality, strictly according to the standards to ensure consistent quality of our absorbent core materials.

Airlaid SAP Paper

Tissue SAP Paper

Composite Absorbent Core

Airlaid Paper

Super Absorbent Polymer

Fluff Pulp


We have helped customers in more than 60 countries to be successful, our website hereby lists some of the products we have successfully supplied. Please note that this constitutes just a tip of the iceberg of our products and innovations. If you prefer, get in touch via the Contact Us section.

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