Offer complete raw materials and machines for making hygiene products. All you need to do is submit the demands of the products to us.

Integrated Supply Chain

At Sunree, there is a wide range of products available, from nonwoven fabric, hot melt adhesive, PE film, laminated film, hook and loop tape for diaper, diaper frontal tape, sap paper, airlaid paper, fluff pulp, package and machine to various required for the different application, also providing engineering support.

Our Services Always Go The Extra Mile


Our team comprises of members equipped with experience in almost all fields related to design and development to meet your any needs for your products or make further improvements.


It is often the case that products bought from a supplier, especially for the first time, fall short of your expectations for one reason or another. Our sampling save you from those worries.


Committed ourselves to turning our the finest products, we attach the almost importance to quality standards in production.

Quality Controlling

Our controlling in this regard includes through inspections throughout the whole process of manufacturing, sparing you the extra employment of quality control inspectors.


If you want your products to be tested and certified to ensure that they comply with international standards, we can make it through independent and well-recognized testing companies.


One of our main concerns of clients is “Will my products be packaged improperly”. Precisely, we understand it quite well that packaging is no less important than products themselves.


Our thoughtful arrangements in delivery will guarantee that your products will reach the determined destination without any delay as required.


We have been devoting ourselves to making sure that our products will in a very real sense meet your needs and that is why we are eagerly ready to hear your comments on them. Your feedback, compliment or ctiticism, will always be our motivation for improvement.

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Sunree has been delivering the products to the customers which have added more value to Sunree services and make Sunree the leading and trusted manufacturer and supplier.

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7-Day Fast Proofing


Why can we do 7 days proofing? Because we have our own factories and cooperate with the brother enterprises and the multi-national enterprises in depth that can be quickly put togother to help you realize your ideas quickly. 

And we have professional product experts with over 5-10 years of experience in hygiene industry, they can be your backbone.

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