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If you are looking for a Professional, Reliable and Ethical supplier who supplies machines and raw materials of disposable personal hygiene products, wet tissue and household paper, you are in the right place.

Sunree Industrial Co., Ltd, as a comprehensive and diversified new material and machine supplier and exporter, Sunree has been manufacturing and supply a wide range of products with extreme care and uncompromised attention to quality and hygiene. The company focuses primarily on manufacturing and supply raw materials and machines of all kinds including Baby Care, Personal Hygiene and Industrial Purpose, in addition to a range of household paper and packaging machine.

With some years of accumulation, expanding the product outreach and offering services to wider customers, Sunree has strengthened the whole supply chain for the manufacturing and supply of raw materials and machines for disposable personal hygiene products including baby diaper, feminine sanitary napkins and pantyliner, adult diaper, pet diaper, under pads, wet tissues and towel, makeup remover, antibacterial hand wet wipes and tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper, face masks.

Sunree is committed to exceeding customer expectations, ceaselessly conducting innovations, and raising the quality of products and services. Sunree prides itself in providing superior and innovative products alongside commitment to excellent quality and punctuality with deliveries.

Sunree’s passion lies in helping start-ups grow from “Zero to One” in personal hygiene product, wet tissue and household paper business. Achievements speak only for the past, to maintain its momentum of growth, Sunree will stay unstopped.

Be Your Trusted Partner

Are You Looking For A Trusted And Ethical Advisor Or Just A Vendor?

At Sunree, we focus on how to grow your business together, care about professional experience for disposable personal hygiene products, wet wipes and household paper, care more about how our customers could make the right investment and power positive revenue by producing market-driven and consumer-oriented disposable personal care hygiene products at minimum manufacturing costs.

We believe that having the best-fit production line is merely the first step to your success in the hygiene product and household paper industry. Developing the consumer-oriented products with well-selected raw materials to deliver satisfying performance is the other critical element. Making the full use of production lines to boost efficient productivity is a key driver of positive revenue.

Relying on basic materials and technical resources, with a keen market sense, and cooperate with domestic well-known hygiene products enterprises and international brands in-depth to keep pace with the development trend of disposable personal care hygiene products, we pride ourselves on our positioning as a trusted partner instead of a vendor.

We do what other vendors can not do.

Simply put, we do it all so you don’t have to.

Experience Skills

We have been improving since 2015 to provide better products.

Guarantee Services

There have one professional and responsible team to provide positive support.

Expert Engineers

Over 20 years technical experience in manufacturing that meet and exceed the expectations.

Low Cost

Integrated supply chain, mix load kinds of products to save more capital flow.

High Quality

Advanced equipments and the key component parts from domestic and the world famous brands to ensure an outstanding product.

Trusted Work

You can see the latest order sheet state on each Firday.

Our Mission

Sunree aspires to supply excellent cost performance products, consistent quality and professional services for customers' satisfaction, to create well-being for employees, value for shareholders and harmony for society and protect the environment.

Our Vision

To be customers' preferred partner for unique and innovative solutions for their specific needs in raw materials and machines of personal hygiene products based on the new technological innovation, production and best services.

Our Value

Everything we do it customer-oriented; Quality is the top priority of system planning; Cooperation with suppliers helps us become faster and better.
Professional, Integrity, Responsibility.

Story With Sunree

2015 Sunree History
Renamed as Sunree

In the beginning, Mr. Nick and Ms. Ellie started a company in east coast of China, with 10+ years experience of hygiene products and machines.

2016 Sunree History
Strategic Cooperation

Sunree cooperated with the leading machinery manufacturer for overseas markets.

2017 Sunree History
Become Trusted Supplier With Web

High quality team, product quality, competitive price and services won the customer - whole plant cooperation.

2017-2018 Sunree History
Strategic Investment

Sunree completed its first step of investment by establishing 2 production bases to manufacture nonwoven fabric and PE film respectively.

2018 Sunree History
Strengthen Cooperation

Sunree cooperated with domestic well-known hygiene product products enterprises in-depth to keep pace with the development trend of disposable hygiene products and raw materials.

2021 Sunree History
New Sales Centre

New sales centre has been moved to 5A office building in Shishi, Quanzhou.


Send us an inquiry on the website by filling in the form, Sunree will quote the price to the purchaser after getting the purchase information, after the two sides confirm all the transaction details, we will send samples to the customers, after the customer is satisfied with the samples, then confirm the final order.

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Tell us what kind of support you need, we will reach out to you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@ sunreehygiene.com”

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