Good Bonding to Skin Medical PSA Hot Melt Adhesive Glue


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160℃ approx. 19000mPa.s

Softening Point

Approx 100℃, Ring and Ball

Operating Temperature

130℃ ~ 180℃




Medical Paster, Medical Bandage, Medical Tape, Dressing


Medical PSA Hot Melt Adhesive For Medical Plaster Adhesive Bandage

Product Details:

It is medical pressure sensitive adhesive designed for medical plaster, adhesive bandage, medical tape, surgical dressing, etc. It has good shear, medium initial tack and good bonding to skin and without glue residue on skin. It is safe to skin contact and suitable for backing materials as perforated PE film, cotton cloth, non-woven and flexible bandage, etc.

  • Material is applied hot appropriate clothing and eye protection should be used.
  • Use adequate ventilation to remove any hot melt fumes or vapors that are generated.
  • Keep containers and premelters covered to avoid contamination.


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