Excellent Wet strength Absorbent Core Hot Melt Adhesive Glue


Additional information

Main Ingredient

Resin, SBC/ SIS and SBS

Application Method

Spray, Slot coat, Slot nozzle, Fine line, Multi-line


Transparent White or Amber




Baby diaper, Adult diaper, Sanitary napkin, Underpads, Pantyliner




Excellent Wet strength Absorbent Core Hot Melt Adhesive Glue

Product Details:

Absorbent core hot melt adhesive (hotmelt glue) is designed for use in hygiene industry, especially for absorbent core of baby diaper, adult diaper, ladies pads, feminine sanitary napkins, pantyliner, adult incontinence briefs and diaper, pull-ups pant, underpads, and so on. It increases the performance of ultra-thin core in consumer hygienic products. It has technology with delayed crystallization that provides a long, controllable open time to facilitate deep penetration of the adhesive into the core. This deep penetration, combine with a high green strength, ensures excellent mechanical anchorage and wet strength, enabling cellulose reduction.

  • Delivers enhanced core integrity when wet and eliminates the risk of fractured and separated pads which can lead to leakage
  • Provides the opportunity to reduce the amount of fluff to produce thinner cores while maintaining core stability
  • Delivers optimal performance when sprayed directly onto the core, but can also be applied to the poly back-sheet or core wrap material

Demand for high-performance hot melt adhesives continues to increase as the need for disposable hygiene products, such as adult incontinence diaper, baby diaper, pull-ups pant, ladies pads, feminine sanitary napkins, pantyliner, underpads, grows across the globe. Despite hot melt adhesives being only a small part of the total raw materials used in disposable hygiene products, they play a fundamental role in delivering the enhanced functionality required for meeting the changing demands of consumers.

Main Adhesives (Glue) for Disposable Hygiene Products and Nonwoven

  • Construction hot melt adhesive (structure hot melt adhesive)
  • Elastic hot melt adhesive
  • Positioning hot melt adhesive
  • Hook hot melt adhesive
  • Wetness indicator adhesive

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