Humidity Wetness Indicator Adhesive For Baby Diaper Incontinence Pants


Additional information

Application Method

Slot coat or fine line


Orange/yellow product in dry state at room temperature changes to blue in contact with water and saline (0.9% NaCl-solution)




Baby diaper, adult diaper, diaper pants


3.5kg or 1.5kg in siliconized boxes, 176boxes on a pallet

Shelf Life

In original sealed packaging, at ambient temperature, protected from sun, dust and moisture, at least 6 months. Temperature should not exceed 40℃

Work Instruction

Application temperature should be between 90-120℃ (depending on the application system). Temperature should not exceed 120℃


Humidity Wetness Indicator Adhesive For Baby Diaper Incontinence Pants

Product Details:

Demand for high-performance hot melt adhesives continues to increase as the need for disposable hygiene products, such as adult incontinence diaper, baby diaper, pull-ups diaper, feminine sanitary pads, pantyliner, underpads, grows across the globe. Despite hot melt adhesives being only a small part of the total raw materials used in disposable hygiene products, it plays a fundamental role in delivering the enhanced functionality required for meeting the changing demands of consumers.

Main Adhesives for Disposable Hygiene Products and Nonwoven

  1. Construction hot melt adhesive (structure hot melt adhesive)
  2. Elastic hot melt adhesive
  3. Positioning hot melt adhesive
  4. Hook hot melt adhesive
  5. Wet indicator adhesive

Wet Indicator Adhesive

It provides fast and distinct color change at the time of wetness, it has less migration or bleeding of color for a clear and noticeable indication.

  • Faster indication speed upon insult.
  • Less bleeding of indication color, for clear and noticeable indication.
  • The odor level of adhesive and finished goods are comparatively low.
  • High humidity resistance virtually eliminates premature color change.
  • Excellent thermal stability for better machining than standard hot melt wetness indicators.
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