Multilane Hooks Blue Fingerlift Y-bond Side Tape For Baby Adult Diaper


Additional information


50/55/60/62/66mm, or customized

Multilane Hook

19mm hook zone, 13mm hook, or customized


White, Blue, Green, Violet, customized

Fastening Tape

White, customized

Release Tape


Basic Weight


Roll Length

300/400m, customized


4/6rolls per carton


Used with textile based loop, nonwoven-based loop landing zone

Physical Properties

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Multilane Hooks Blue Fingerlift Y-bond Side Tape For Baby Adult Diaper

Product Details:

SUNREE Y-bond mechanical multilane closure tape is a pre-combined diaper hook-based closure system, incorporating soft hook tape and a Y-bond between the fastening tape and release tape. The mechanical closure provides the end-user additional security and ease of use over the traditional tapes. It is designed for open baby and adult diapers.

  • Premium adhesion and shear performance to a wide variety of stretchable nonwoven diaper ears.
  • Aggressive and soft hook element used for better peel performance onto multiple loop landing zones.
  • Y-bond providing the strongest possible bond with diaper chassis.
  • Pop-opens during conversion eliminated by the use of an adhesive zone to fix the fastening tape.
  • Excellent adhesion of release tape to a wide variety of pp nonwoven.
  • Enhanced tape folding at Y-bond position.

SURNEE mechanical closure tapes feature a soft, nonwoven fastening tape with a hook and fingerlift area and a Y-bond release film tape. It is repositionable and resistant to contamination from lotions, powders, and other common products used by caregivers.

We use excellent hook tapes, that are not easily damaged nor damage the frontal landing zone, to allow multiple reclosures of a baby or adult diaper without compromising reliability. The exceptional shear onto various nonwoven fabrics guarantees a good bond of the hook tapes, ensuring better peel strength performance onto multiple loop frontal landing zones.

It is available in multiple designs and constructions, and in different widths on request.

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