Customizable Adult Baby Pull-ups Pant PP Adhesive Z-fold Disposal Tape


Additional information




PP film + Adhesive


60/62/66mm, customized

Unfolded Length

about 164mm, customized

Basic Weight


Roll Length

300-400meters, customized

Fingerlift Color

Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, "back" printed, customized

Inner Core Dia.

76mm/3inches, customized


4 rolls/carton


Baby pants, Adult pants

FT 90° Peel on PP Panel

9.2N/25mm, customized

ZT 90° Peel on PP Panel

7.8N/25mm, customized

RT 90° Peel on PP Panel

16.7N/25mm, customized

90° Release (FT from ZT)

2.5N/25mm, customized

90° Release (ZT from RT)

2.8N/25mm, customized


Customizable Adult Baby Pull-ups Pant PP Adhesive Z-fold Disposal Tape

Product Details:

SUNREE Tape offers a range of closure solutions for baby and adult care that add functionality and provide high performance in both diapers and pants. Our portfolio includes conventional two-layer closure systems and mechanical closures with hooks and/or an elastic center section. In addition, we also provide complementary components for diaper closures.

SUNREE Z-folded tape closure system, extendible to several times its original length, SUNREE Z-fold tape allows easy and hassle-free closing of baby and adult pull-up diapers upon disposal.

  • Pre-folded Z-shaped construction, extendible to several times its original size allowing to bridge and wrap large parcels, wrapping and disposal tape applications.
  • Anti-flagging adhesive and silicone coated in Z-fold construction eliminate pop-opens during conversion.
  • Color fingerlift highlighting the opening position in the tape.
  • The adhesive of the permanent and fastening area provides an optimal closure on PE and nonwoven back sheet.
  • Different widths are available.
  • SUNREE Z-tape can be customized upon request.

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