Professional in converting and packaging solutions for the disposable hygiene industry in baby, adult and lady segments. This ultimate solution guide would help you everything about producing hygiene products. With high-end equipment and skilled staff, we are capable of fulfilling your customization needs for your machines!

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Hot Products In The Field

Wet wipes including baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, sachet wipes & towels, makeup remover wipes, refreshing wipes, household wipes, canister wipes, alcohol prep pad (alcohol swab), convenience wipes and so on.

Our long involvement in disposable hygiene solutions enables you to access to extensive technological and application expertise.

Baby Wipes

Antibacterial Wipes

Makeup Remover Wipes

Refreshing Wipes

Household Wipes

Canister Wipes

Alcohol Swab

Leather Cleaning Wipes

Canister Wipes

SR-2700A Full Automatic High-speed Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 300-400 cuts/min
Pack: 30-120pcs/pack

SR-2700B Full Automatic High-speed Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 300-400 cuts/min

SR-2700C Full Automatic Auto-splicing High-speed Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 300-400 cuts/min

SR-2800 Full Automatic High-speed Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 250-350 cuts/min

SR-6 Wet Wipes Folding Machine

Speed: 200-280 cuts/min

SR-200(E) Full Automatic Wet Wipes Machine

Speed: 150-220 pcs/min

SR-2035A Full Automatic Single Lane Wet Tissue Machine

Speed: 300-420 pcs/min

SR-2035B Full Automatic Doulbe Lanes Wet Tissue Machine

Speed: 700-800 pcs/min

SR-2035BN Full Automatic Double Lanes Auto Splicing Wet Tissue Machine

Speed: 700-800 pcs/min

SR-2035C Full Automatic Double Lanes Wet Tissue Machine

Speed: 700-1000 pcs/min

SR-211 Semi Automatic Wet Tissue Folding Machine

Speed: 450-650 pcs/min

SR-360 Full Automatic Wet Tissue Packing Machine

Speed: 30-60 packages/min

SR-5800 Full Automatic Wet Wipes Lid Applicator

Speed: 50-80 lids/min
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