White Big Wave Embossed Film Laminated Nonwoven Loop Frontal Tape For Baby Diaper


Additional information


Soft nonwoven + transparent film


Wave, Moon, Dot, Polygon, etc.

Basic Weight

38-45gsm, customized

Roll Width


Roll Length

2000meters, or customzied

Roll Diameter

700mm, customized



Lead Time



Baby diaper, Adult diaper


Use with SUNREE closure hook tape


White Big Wave Embossed Film Laminated Nonwoven Loop Frontal Tape For Baby Diaper

Product Details:

SUNREE nonwoven-based loop frontal tape is a premium landing zone used in combination with SUNREE high-performance closure hook side tape, the tapes allow the diapers to be opened and reliably closed multiple times. It is made of soft nonwoven material, available either as an open nonwoven, 2-layer nonwoven, or with a laminated PE film or PP-coated process, it does not have an adhesive.

Custom print designs are available in a variety of formats to meet growing market trends toward registered cut and size-specific designs. It is widely used in disposable hygiene products baby diaper and adult briefs.

Mechanical closure systems need a loop-based landing zone. A closure hook tape and a landing zone need to be adapted to each other, to ensure optimal performance of the diaper closure system. SUNREE delivers unmatched customer service and technical support to ensure the right product is chosen for the application, the diapers manufacturers and brand owners can be confident. SUNREE has over 15 years of experience in this industry.

For more details, please check our diaper hook and loop.

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