T-shape Baby Diaper Back Stretch Ear Elastic Nonwoven Side Panel


Additional information

Basic Weight

70gsm, or customized

Restoring Force at 50% Elongation


CD Tensile Strength


Elongation at Break


CD Elongation (Load 10N)


CD Permanent Deformation



Baby diaper, Adult diaper, Face Mask


T-shape Baby Diaper Back Stretch Ear Elastic Nonwoven Side Panel

Product Details:

SUNREE elastic nonwoven, also known as elastic side panels, which is mainly applied on variations of diapers as an elastic ear between the tape and diaper or as an insert for baby and incontinence products. It is made out soft nonwoven and extruded POE between the two nonwoven layers. It features great flexibility on any body shape.


Disposable hygiene products and medical products, baby diaper, adult diaper, face mask, eye mask, etc.


  • Excellent elongation, high elasticity and easy to stretch, soft and comfortable
  • 100% elastic area, not tightly, glue less lamination
  • Homogeneous surface and better touch through unique full-faced elastic extrusion
  • Good retractive force and low permanent set
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