Multi Colors Elastic Waistband Material For Adult Baby Diaper


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Basic Weight



White, Blue, Green, Purple


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CD 100% Restoring Force


CD Tensile Strength


CD Elongation Load 5N


CD Permanent Deformation



Baby diaper, Adult diaper


Elastic Waistband For Baby Diaper Adult Incontinence Briefs

It is a thin, multi-layer elastic film designed for a stretchable waistband that allows for an easy unwinding and reliable equipment application. The product’s high elasticity and consistent retraction force support comfort, fit and containment in infant and adult incontinence briefs while minimizing red-marking on sensitive skin.

Product Details:

  • Soft, cushiony waistband allows comfortable fit.
  • Adapts to baby’s individual shape to help prevent leakage.
  • Minimize red marks on baby’s skin.
  • Thin, multi-layer elastic has how stretch and retraction force with minimal permanent set which makes it easy to stretch and apply.
  • Higher levels of elongation to improve material utilization and visual appearance.
  • Color options are available for customizing product designs and color-matching other diaper components (white, blue, green, purple).
  • Significantly improves productivity, material handling and reduced storage space.
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