IP SuperSoft ECF Semi-treated Fluff Pulp For Underpads Sanitary Napkin Pantyliner Nursing Pad


Additional information

Shred Energy

24 kWH/t, 97 KJ/kg



Basis Weight

684 g/m2


0.58 OD g/cm3


620 kPa


<15 PPM


7.0, 8.0, 9.5

ISO Brightness



25.4cm, 44.7cm, 48.3cm


124.5cm, 139.7cm, 149.9cm


IP SuperSoft Semi-treated ECF Fluff Pulp For Underpads Sanitary Napkin Pantyliner Nursing Pad

Product Details:

Low shred energy and outstanding shred quality.

It is a semi-treated southern softwood ECF fluff pulp, semi-treated to fiberize easily with low static and uniform web formation, it has excellent shred quality, which means you will experience consistent performance and high yield.

Made from 100% Southern Pine softwood, it provides excellent absorption and core strength. Parents, pet owners and healthcare providers can feel confident that absorption and wicking properties will lock away moisture.

It is specifically designed for use in absorbent products such as bed pads, pet pads, underpads, wipes and feminine care pads.

Semi-treated Pulp Properties, Absorption targets:

  1. SCAN Absorption rate 0.7 cm/sec
  2. SCAN Absorption capacity 8.8 g/g
  3. SCAN Specific fluff volume 18.6 cc/g
  4. SCAN Fiber length (LW) 2.8mm
  5. SCAN Coarseness 23 mg/100m
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