Sanitary Pads Packaging Matt Silver Flat Bottom Pouch With Press-to-close Zipper


Additional information

Raw Material

3-layer, PE + aluminum film


110 micron


Press to close

Tear Notch






Pacakge Type

Pre-made bag


Ladies pads, Feminine sanitary napkins, Pantyliner


Sanitary Pads Packaging Matt Silver Flat Bottom Pouch With Press-to-close Zipper

Product Details:

SUNREE Flat Bottom Pouch is a unique type of premade pouch with five panels of printable area for on-shelf brand building, free-standing pouch with a flat, rectangular base. Also known as square bottom pouch, flat base pouch or box pouch, it is a modern packaging solution designed for stability and visibility. It has material for greater space and strength, known as gussets, on both the left and right side of the pouch, with a press-to-close resealable zipper and tear notch on top, which means the pouch is easy to open the first time, and reseal to ensure ideal protection and durable storage quality of your products.

Most flat bottom pouches are made with kraft paper, aluminum or LDPE. And it can use two different webs of material – one web for the front, bottom, and back panel, and one web for the side gussets. Brands often take advantage of the ability to make the side gussets clear (providing windows/visibility to the product) while choosing a metallic or opaque material for the rest of the pouch.

It provides superior stability, seal strength, hermeticity, squared-off bottom allows pouch to stand on its own, and greater versatility economizing on shelf space through a narrower design and a more compact footprint due to its fold over capability.

This flat-bottom pouch can be used for disposable hygiene products, health and beauty products, food, such as sanitary napkins, ladies pads, pantyliner.

We offer pouches in the following materials:

  • Clear Barrier Film is excellent for showing products off to customers and has the additional benefit of being crease- and crack-proof.
  • White Barrier Film offers a good solid background for full-color printing.
  • Metallized Barrier Film is a polymer film coated on one side with a layer of aluminum to give it a glossy silvery appearance.

You can opt to add either of these coatings for additional shine or protection

  • Gloss lamination adds a brilliant shine to the surface while making images more striking
  • Matte lamination which gives a satin-like texture and makes any text easy to read

Additional options

  • Round or Euro-style hang-holes for suspended display can be punched from top rim of each package.
  • Tear notches on the top for easy opening are automatically included.

Several configurations and sizes of pouches are available, including large-capacity sizes. It can be further customized with various features:

  • With or without resealable zipper
  • With or without tear notch
  • Clear side gussets
  • Terminated side gussets
  • Handles
  • Laser scoring
  • Sliders
  • Hooded sliders
  • Press-to-close zippers
  • Hook-and-loop closures
  • Matte/gloss printing
  • Recyclable or post-consumer recycled materials

Trust the Packaging Professionals with Your Flat-bottom Pouches

When you work with SUNREE for your flat-bottom pouches, you’ll benefit from our competitive lead times and enhanced speed-to-market capabilities. We have years of experience designing and manufacturing flat-bottom pouches for a range of products and industries. Our turnkey solutions – ranging from design and manufacturing to supply chain expertise – provide a simple answer to your packaging challenges.

SUNREE provides kinds of packaging bags for disposable hygiene products, health and beauty products, such as baby diaper, baby pull-ups pant, adult diaper, adult pants, sanitary napkins, ladies pads, pantyliner, adult underwear, women period panties, underpads, nursing pads, pet pads, wet wipes, face mask, etc.

At SUNREE, we’re always trying to make the best better. We strive for excellence by pursuing improvements in all areas of our business, which means you’ll receive the best products and customer service possible. Contact our team to start building your package today, or view more details on our packaging page.

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