Feminine Sanitary Napkins Premade Package Bag In Roll With Reseal Label


Additional information

Raw Material

3-layer, PE + Aluminum foil


65 micron




Gravure reverse printing



Easy Reseal Label


Aeration Hole




Unfolded Width

Per your requirements

Unfolded Length

Per your requirements


Max. 11 colors

Pacakge Type

Pre-made bag in roll


Ladies pads, Feminine sanitary napkins, Pantyliner


Feminine Sanitary Napkins Premade Package Bag In Roll With Reseal Label

Product Details:

SUNREE single layer, 2-layer, 3-layer laminated PE package bag, shapes including normal side seal, normal bottom seal, tube, griphole, U-film, patch, no patch, wicket, etc. It is designed for packing and promoting baby diaper, baby pull-ups pant, adult incontinence diaper, adult pants, ladies pads, feminine sanitary napkins, pantyliner, adult incontinence briefs, period panties, underpads, nursing pads, wet wipes and so on.

SUNREE package bag is manufactured with multi-layer Co-extruded film, kraft paper or biodegradable film, and available with or without handles. Multi-color flexo or gravure printing, printing up to 11 colors to showcase your branding, having single loop handle, double loop handle, die cut handle, easy tear line, zipper, reseal sticker, etc. The surface effects include glossy, matte, sandy, brushed, 3D embossed, hot stamping, grain, etc. Also can be supplied with wicket holes, wicket positioning, perforation, serration, neck cut, star punch.

Providing whole process from A to Z: blow molding, cylinder making, printing, lamination, separating and cutting, and bag making. Style available packaging: stand up pouch with zipper or window, side gusset pouch, flat bottom pouch, sachet or bar by roll film, with features security, good barrier against oxygen and light, airtight, non-leakage, anti-puncture, strong sealing, etc.

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