Double Loop Clear Handle 2-layer Matt PE Laminated Baby Diaper Packaging Bag


Additional information

Raw Material

2-layer PE laminated, matt


75 micron


Gravure reverse printing


Double transparent loop



Wicket Hole


Aeration Hole



Pre-made bag


Baby diaper packaging


Double Loop Clear Handle 2-layer Matt PE Laminated Baby Diaper Packaging Bag

Product Details:

It is 2-layer lamination top gusset packaging bag, matte surface, with double transparent handle and wicket hole.

There are various types of film laminations, however, the most common styles include matte and glossy. Now, we also have Sandy Lamination and Brushed Lamination. It is widely used for packaging disposable hygiene products, such as baby diaper, baby pull-ups pant, adult diaper, adult pants, sanitary napkins, ladies pads, maternity pads, underpads, etc.

Double layer film lamination can enhance your packaging by providing a luxurious finishing touch, but by also preventing printing ink. The lamination process applies a reverse printing plastic film to another plastic film. It offers supreme protection for all printable items, more so than varnish. It not only adds protection, but also strengthens your product’s packaging. Additionally, it can improve the printing performance and it can stretch and flex.

Matte lamination offers a subtler finish. It is non-reflective and reduces color shifts, therefore remaining more faithful to the colors you’ve chosen for your product’s packaging, rather than enhancing or intensifying it. It would be best to choose the matte lamination when being placed under direct light. It is effective against avoiding a severe glare when looking at the package from up close and makes the colors in your packaging stand out more, and withstand being handled often (and even shuffled around). It is scratch-resistant and can eliminate the appearance of fingerprints. This type of lamination is generally more durable and can help give your product a more elegant feel.

Matte lamination is a great option to create an overall softer look, the less reflective finish will lessen contrast and produce tones that are more muted in color. Matte finishes maintain crisp lines as well as an elegant appearance, unlike glossy, which tend to dull down over time due to adverse effects such as scratches or scuffs caused by mishandling during shipping and handling just before purchase – something we all want our products not exposed to.

Matte creates a sense of sophistication while still standing out from competitors for consumers with different tastes who may be looking for something new.

With the rapid growth of in-store shopping, many brands are opting for matte lamination printing for their packaging.

The packaging is the first thing a customer will see when they come in contact with your product. You want them to feel like it was worth their time and effort, but you don’t need garish colors or flashy lettering because that can make people uncomfortable if not done properly.

In the packaging process, selecting the proper film lamination is just as important as selecting the proper packaging material for your product. SUNREE is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to apply these different types of laminations and our team of experts will assist you in selecting and evaluating lamination options for your packaging.

Trust the Packaging Professionals with Your Packages

When you work with SUNREE for your packaging, you’ll benefit from our competitive lead times and enhanced speed-to-market capabilities. We have years of experience designing and manufacturing flat-bottom pouches for a range of products and industries. Our turnkey solutions – ranging from design and manufacturing to supply chain expertise – provide a simple answer to your packaging challenges.

SUNREE provides kinds of packaging bags for disposable hygiene products, health and beauty products, such as baby diaper, baby pull-ups pant, adult diaper, adult pants, sanitary napkins, ladies pads, pantyliner, adult underwear, women period panties, underpads, nursing pads, pet pads, wet wipes, face mask, facial tissue, toilet paper roll, etc.

At SUNREE, we’re always trying to make the best better. We strive for excellence by pursuing improvements in all areas of our business, which means you’ll receive the best products and customer service possible. Contact our team to start building your package today, or view more details on our packaging page.

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