Blue Edge Y-bond PP Side Tape Tabs For Baby Diaper Adult Briefs


Additional information

Roll Width

50/55/60/62/64mm, or customized

Basic Weight


Fastening Tape

White or Transparent, customized


Blue, or customized

Release Tape

White or Transparent

Roll Length

600 meters, customized


4 rolls/carton


The combination with SUNREE BOPP frontal tape landing zone

Physical Properties

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Blue Edge Y-bond PP Side Tape Tabs For Baby Diaper Adult Briefs

Product Details:

SUNREE Y-bond PP side tape is a pre-combined and refastenable pressure-sensitive tape tab for adult baby diaper closure system, incorporating a Y-bond between fastening and release tape. It is designed as a closure system for landing zones of open type disposable baby diapers, adult diapers, and dog diapers, especially for working with silicone-coated BOPP film frontal tape landing zone.

  • The smooth release of fastening tape off release tape gives more comfort to the end-user.
  • SUNREE pre-combined construction eliminates the need of laminating individual fastening and release tapes online.
  • Y-bond provided the strongest bond with diaper chassis, easy to grasp finger lift.
  • The fastening tape adhesive provides optimal and safe re-usable closure on reinforced frontal tape.
  • Release tape adhesive provided excellent adhesion to a wide variety of polyethylene and polypropylene nonwoven substrates.
  • Soft fastening carrier permits easy conversion avoiding tab tear and misplacement. Another advantage is its very smooth feeling, important to protect the baby’s skin.

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