Adult Incontinence Briefs Integrated Landing Zone PP Triple Side Tape


Additional information

Roll Width

50/55/60/62/64mm, or customized

Basic Weight


Fastening Tape


Target Tape

Blue, Green, or customized

Release Tape


Roll Length

460 meters, customized


4 rolls/carton


Adult diaper side tape

Physical Properties

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Adult Incontinence Briefs Integrated Landing Zone PP Triple Side Tape

Product Details:

SUNREE Y-bond triple tape is a full plastic pre-combined diaper closure system, incorporating a Y-bond between fastening and release tape, especially designed for adult incontinence briefs.

  • Y-bond provides the strongest possible bond with diaper chassis.
  • Extra long fingerlift making the product easy to grip, also when wearing gloves.
  • Fully colored target tape gives a strong visual advantage for opening and later repositioning the closure system.
  • Premium release tape adhesive provides excellent adhesion to various polyethylene and polypropylene nonwoven substrates.

SUNREE 3-layer triple tapes are also available in a variety of widths to meet different needs of a range of diaper or adult incontinence briefs shapes, styles, and sizes.

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