Adult Diaper Pre-combined Landing Zone PP 3-layer Triple Side Tape


Additional information

Roll Width

50/55/60/62/64mm, or customized

Basic Weight


Fastening Tape


Target Tape

Blue, Green, or customized

Release Tape


Roll Length

460 meters, customized


4 rolls/carton


Adult diaper side tape

Physical Properties

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Adult Diaper Pre-combined Landing Zone PP 3-layer Triple Side Tape

Product Details:

SUNREE Y-bond triple tape is an adhesive-based and film pre-combined diaper closure system, incorporating a Y-bond between fastening and release tape, an additional target tape central layer provides an integrated frontal tape. It is especially designed for the adult incontinence diaper, open incontinence brief. This triple tape provides a durable bond to the briefs’ traditional PE film or PP nonwoven back sheet.

  • Y-bond provides the strongest possible bond with diaper chassis.
  • Extra long fingerlift making the product easy to grip, also when wearing gloves.
  • Fully colored target tape gives a strong visual advantage for opening and later repositioning the closure system.
  • Premium release tape adhesive provides excellent adhesion to various polyethylene and polypropylene nonwoven substrates.

SUNREE 3-layer triple tapes are also available in a variety of widths to meet different needs of a range of diaper or adult incontinence briefs shapes, styles, and sizes.

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