Adult Baby Diaper Side Tab Pink Plastic Molded Hook Tape


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Hook Width

10-350mm, customized


1700 Hooks/Square Inch ±3%

Basic Weight


Roll Length


Spool Width



As per requirement


Adult Baby Diaper Side Tab Pink Plastic Molded Hook Tape

Product Details:

SUNREE hook tape is lighter, thinner, softer, reusable, and reliable as open tab adult and baby diaper mechanical closure system. It is not easily damaged, to form a reclosable diaper closure system commonly used on baby diapers and adult incontinence briefs. It has been tested extensively in combination with our textile-based knitted loop and nonwoven-based loop landing zone frontal tape substrates, with excellent peel force performance.

It allows the diaper manufacturers to assemble the diaper closure system inline, and offer good convertibility on both machine running and substrate and adhesive marching performance.

  • SUNREE hooks are used for better peel performance onto multiple loop landing zone.
  • Reliable closure strength and reusable without damaging loops.
  • High strength hook shapes guarantee to move smoothly and easy without leaking.
Property Unit Target Value Typical Value Test Method
90° Peel Hooks / Knitted Loop N/25mm 4.70 SR010
180° Peel Hooks / Knitted Loop N/25mm 43.80 SR008
90° Peel Hooks / Nonwoven Loop N/25mm 5.40 SR010
180° Peel Hooks / Nonwoven Loop N/25mm 41.30 SR008

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