Waterproof Breathable Cast Polyethylene Film Backsheet For Baby Diaper


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Basic Weight


MD Tensile Strength


CD Tensile Strength


MD Elongation


CD Elongation


MD Tensile Strength at 10%


CD Tensile Strength at 10%



1600-3600 g/24h*m2, or upon request




Baby diaper, Baby pants


Waterproof Breathable Cast Polyethylene Film Backsheet For Baby Diaper

SUNREE breathable film is a cost-effective, polymer-based barrier, with enhanced physical and thermal robustness which provides moisture control in a wide range of applications including diapers, feminine hygiene, and incontinence protection products where breathability is an essential parameter of user comfort.

Product Details:

  • Excellent physical and thermal robustness performance
  • Excellent air permeability and waterproof, high to low breathability levels
  • Ultra lightweight, quality you can rely on
  • Good printing performance, full multi-color printing facilities


  • Disposable personal care product, baby diaper, adult diaper sanitary napkins, sanitary pads
  • Disposable medical protection product, surgical coat, shoe cover, cap, isolation gown
  • Warmer pads
  • Industrial protective products
  • Protection clothing, car cover

Our products

  • Multi-color printed breathable and non-breathable film
  • Textile backsheets / Lamination PE film
  • Perforated PE film
  • Embossed PE film
  • Color PE film

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