Viscose Rayon Polyester PET Microfiber Nonwoven Fabric For Wiper


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Viscose Rayon Polyester PET Microfiber Nonwoven Fabric For Wiper

  • Excellent wiping
  • Anti-mite and anti-bacterial
  • Insulation and sound absorption
  • High efficiency filtration

Product Details:

SUNREE microfiber nonwoven fabric consists of PET and PA6 slices by polymer conjugated spinning technology to form hollow orange-sliced (8+8) bi-component split fiber, which is drawn by continuous high-speed airflow and laid into a net, then solidified with high-pressure water needle, and fully cracked to form the superfine microfiber nonwovens with unique properties. The single fiber size can reach 0.1 dtex and the average diameter is about 3μm.

Excellent Wiping

  • Dense three-dimensional wedge-shaped structure, providing super adsorbability and excellent wiping performance.
  • Specific capillary phenomena, allow quick absorption of water or oil.
  • Unique filament fiber structure prevents fuzziness and fiber shedding during the wiping process and allows repeated cleaning and reuse.

Anti-mite and Anti-bacterial

  • Pure physical structure without coating or chemical reprocessing provides perfect anti-mite allergen protection and inhibits fungal growth.

Insulation and Sound Absorption

  • Microfiber structure with thinner and lighter acoustical materials than traditional ones, making it have very good UV protection properties with UPF above 50.

High Efficiency Filtration

  • microfiber structure makes it have very good barrier properties, such as particle filtration, air and liquid filtration.


  • Facial Mask: Ultra-fine fiber structure, allowing complete adhesion of the facial masks to skin; being soft, light and permeable, providing comfortable use experience; strong liquid holding capacity and more contact points, helping face skin fully enjoy the essence of the mask.
  • Dry and Wet Wiper: As the revolutionary application material in the field of sanitary wiping, it provides amazing skin cleaning and caring effect; during wiping, thousands of wedge-shaped fiber sections, extremely mild to the skin, naturally capture and remove the impurities and other substances.
  • Civil and Industrial Wiper: Excellent wiping effect and super antibacterial effect without adding any detergent, allowing easy and thorough stain removal without fuzziness; suitable for home cleaning, industrial equipment, laboratory instruments, automotive industry, and many other applications.
  • Packaging Material: Excellent physical strength and smooth fiber contact surface, making it widely used in the packaging of electronic products, high-end instruments, and parts for transportation.
  • Home Textile Fabric: The orange-sliced microfiber structure with fibers intertwined with each other, preventing mites and their excreta passing through the internal gap and thus providing anti-mite effect by isolating the mites and their infectious sources; applicable for quilt, pillow core, mattress, sleeping bag, clothing, etc.
  • Leather Base Cloth: Superfine fiber polyurethane synthetic leather is the third generation of artificial leather after PVC artificial leather and PU synthetic leather. Compared with the sea-island super fiber leather base cloth commonly used in the market, the hollow orange-sliced microfiber leather base cloth adopts a physical hydroentanglement process to open fiber without the use of toluene, DMF, and other organic solvents. The product is environment-friendly without irritating odor and it is the fourth generation of artificial leather in the future.
  • In addition, orange-sliced microfiber cloth has unique performance in food filtration, printing medium, wall cloth, interior trims and sports towels.

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