Surgical Gown Blue Polyester PET Woodpulp Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric


Additional information

Raw Material

Woodpulp, Polyester

Basic Weight



80-2600mm, customized


Plain, Embossed, Mesh, etc.


White, Blue, Green, or customized


WLS Wetlaid Spunlace


Industrial wipes, Wet wipes, Kitchen wipes, Medical products


Surgical Gown Blue Polyester PET Woodpulp Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

  • Combination of wood pulp and short-cut fiber
  • Smooth and durable
  • Low extractable levels and particle counts compared to cotton
  • Solvent, dilute and resistant, chemically compatible with common cleaning and disinfecting solutions
  • Autoclavable

Product Details:

Medical wood pulp non woven fabric is widely used for surgical gown, surgical drapes, disposable medical bed sheet, and given special treatments to give it certain properties, such as hydrophobic, anti-blood, anti-alcohol, anti-static, antiflaming, anti-bacterial, breathable, etc.

  • Hydrostatic pressure resistance: Wet-laid woodpulp nonwoven fabric is normally absorbent, hydrophobic treatment will not enable liquids to pass through.
  • Antibacterial: Fibers with antibacterial treatment protect the material from bacteria and fungi.
  • Anti-static: Treatment helps neutralize static electric charges in the fabric.
  • Alcohol repellent and anti-plasma: Treatment against alcohol and blood helps repel these substances so the product can be used in the medical and health sector.

Composite nonwovens from pulp and carded webs, wet-laid, pulp-based carded-pulp nonwovens, which have been developed to industrial market maturity, is able to process all fibers that are dispersible in water, correspondingly are highly versatile. These composite materials, each consisting of one layer of wet-laid and carded webs, can be designed to meet any requirements.

SUNREE pulp-based nonwoven consists of high-grade wood pulp and short-cut fiber. It is the most commonly used in kitchen wipes, medical products, industrial wipes, such as delicate task wipes, precision wiping, cleanroom environment, semiconductor, HDD, LCD, biotechnology, BLE process, BLU pants around the world. It has excellent absorbency and contamination entrapments, as well as high strength.


  • General Spill Pick Up and Cleaning Surfaces
  • Removal of Etchants, and Other Chemical Spills
  • Cleaning Scratch Sensitive Surfaces
  • Tray Lining And Other Lab
  • General Wiping in Component Prep
  • Compounding and Wash Areas
  • General Wiping and Cleaning in Biome


Aerospace, Animal laboratory, biologics, Cleanroom design/build, Compounding pharmacies, Data storage, Facilities maintenance, Industrial, Laboratory, Medical device, Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical, Printing/Graphics, Semiconductor

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