Pre-combined Mechanical Closure S-cut Hook Side Tab Tape For Baby Diaper


Additional information


90-100mm, or customized


20/25mm, customized

Fastening Tape


Basic Weight


Roll Length

500m, customized


4rolls per carton


Used with textile based loop, nonwoven-based loop landing zone

Physical Properties

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Pre-combined Mechanical Closure S-cut Hook Side Tab Tape For Baby Diaper

Product Details:

SUNREE S-cut hook tapes consist of a nonwoven fastening tape, laminated with plastic molded hook tape. Left and right side tabs are supplied in one roll. It will be cut into equal sides during production. It provides the end-user additional security and ease-of-use over traditional tapes. It is designed for landing zones of open type baby and adult diaper, dog diaper, especially for mechanical loop frontal tape, such as knitted loop, nonwoven loop.

  • The nonwoven-like fastening tape adds a new soft element to the closure system.
  • A new, more aggressive hook is used for better peel performance onto multiple loop landing zone.
  • Simple product design is convenient to position onto diaper ear.
  • Flagging of open tapes during conversion was eliminated with balanced adhesive stripes next to the hook.

We offer options for customization, both the nonwoven fastening tape and the hook zone can be delivered in multiple designs.

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