Nordson Continuous Glue Contact Head Applicator


Additional information

Operating Temperature

200℃ max.

Max. Application Width


Max. Adhesive Viscosity

80000 cps/mPAS

Temperature Sensors

Ni120, PT100

Module Actuation Air Pressure

5 to 6 bar


Nordson Continuous Glue Contact Head Applicator

Product Details:

Easy, reliable slot coating technology meets customer specified needs.

It is designed for safe processing, long cycle life and repeatable application patterns. Based on long-proven thermal and hydrodynamic technology, it offers reliable performance and simplified set-up.

In addition to a pre-cut shim, a blank shim is provided with each applicator for customer customization. These slot applicators provide flexibility in positioning relative to the substrate for added pattern control.

Quick-change filter cartridges and solenoids enable fast, easy maintenance. A compact body design and single adhesive inlet facilitate installation in constrained spaces.

A variety of application widths are available as is a choice between nickel or platinum RTD sensors.

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