Highloft Blue PE PET ADL Air Through Bonding Nonwoven Fabric


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ES rough fiber (PE/PET or PE/PP)

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White, Blue, Green, Purple, or customized


Highloft Blue PE PET ADL Air Through Bonding Nonwoven Fabric

Product Details:

SUNREE ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer) nonwoven fabric is developed using hot air through bonding technology with rough ES fiber.

Ideal for disposable hygiene products such as baby diapers, baby pull-up pants, adult incontinence diapers, feminine sanitary napkins, period panties, insert pads, and so on. Our ADL nonwoven offers many advantages over the standard blended fibers approach. ADL surpasses industry standards for performance in the areas of acquisition time and wetback, at lighter weights resulting in a high-end and high-performance hygiene product.

In terms of comfort, SUNREE ADL nonwoven offers additional benefits, including:

  • Effective liquid distribution throughout the product.
  • Good permeability, able to liquid quickly into the absorbent core, shortening the penetration time.
  • Low liquid flow back to keep the dry and comfortable for the user.
  • Excellent tension strength

Adult and baby diaper manufacturers need to efficiently produce high quality diapers to meet the market demands. Consumers want a highly comfortable product, and particularly important that the diaper must absorb moisture quickly and not leak. There is also demand for thinner, breathable, maximum dryness, good anatomic fit and sustainabl

SUNREE has been providing turnkey solutions for machines and raw materials of hygiene products since 2007. We offer full capabilities to handle quick-change challenges, whether you need small or large quantities of raw materials.

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