Full Servo High Speed Automatic Women Sanitary Napkins Pads Packaging Machine


Additional information

Packing Speed


Packaging Specifications

Width: 60~110 (customizable)
Height: 30~90 (customizable)
Length: 80~150 (customizable)

Material of Bags

PE film, composite film bag, aluminum film bag

Electrical System

Motion controlled system, touch screen, servo drive

Power Supply

16KW, 380V, 50/60HZ

Air Pressure


Machine Weight


Machine Dimension (L×W×H)



Sanitary napkin, Feminine pads, Pantyliner


Full Servo High Speed Automatic Women Sanitary Napkins Pads Packaging Machine

Product Details:

Innovative Gusset-folding Technology with Exclusive Patent

With the accuracy to ensure the shaping up of smooth and delicate gusset, the servo-controlled angular device is adaptable to various packaging specifications.

Adopts A New Modular Design Concept, Full Servo Design

Multi-cam linkage servo control technology to ensure that all action is kept to the smoothest and shortest time required, the packing speed can reach up to 60 packs/minute which is at the fastest industrial production speed.

Multi Servo Drive and High Stability

The adoption of Mitsubishi or AB motion-controlled PLC and Bus servo system ensures the stability and efficiency of production, with the qualified rate reaching as high as 99%.

Overall Program Planning

A holistic solution from a selection of product from the host, conveying products into the packaging machines to sealing of the packaging executed by the machine. The finished products will appear as a two-in-one (packaged) product after being packed.

Extensive Applicability, with Fine and Firm Sealing

The machine is applicable to packing over 95% of the mainstream products in this line, including diapers, underpads, sanitary pads, etc.

Shortest Packaging Length Requirement

Unique production technology adopted, with short packaging length requirement to reduce the cost of production.

Human-machine Interaction System

Various product parameters can be preserved and saved in the machine and retrieved easily when needed.

Temperature Control System from Germany

The adoption of German temperature control system enables the preciseness of temperature setting for heating strips by touching on the screen, with a tolerance of ±1℃

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