Excellent Wet Strength Upper Lower Core Wrapping Carrier Tissue


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Upper and lower core wrap for disposable underpads pet pads


Excellent Wet Strength Upper Lower Core Wrapping Carrier Tissue

Product Details:

SUNREE carrier tissue, also known as wet strength tissue, is widely used for upper and lower fluff core wrapping of baby diaper, adult diaper, baby pants, adult pants, ladies pads, feminine sanitary napkins, underpads, etc.

  • Using virgin wood pulp, adding fungicides in the manufacturing process
  • PH value control between 5.5 and 8.0
  • Increase the proportion of long fiber pulp to ensure paper strength and toughness
  • Suitable air permeability and good splicing joint control to ensure the high-speed production

Excellent breathable carrier tissue core wrap for sanitary napkins: 13-18gsm

Excellent wet strength core wrap tissue paper for baby and adult diaper: 15-18gsm

Upper and lower core wrapping carrier tissue for underpads and pet pads: 13-18gsm

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