PP Adhesive Roll Up Z-fold Disposal Tape For Pull-up Diaper Pants Secure Easy Disposal


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PP film + Adhesive + Silicone


60/62mm, customized

Unfolded Length

about 164mm

Basic Weight


Roll Length

300-400meters, customized

Fingerlift Color

Blue, Green, Purple, Gold or logo printed, customized

Inner Core Dia.



4 rolls/carton


Baby and adult diaper pants

FT 90° Peel on PP Panel

9.2N/25mm (368N/m)

ZT 90° Peel on PP Panel

7.8N/25mm (312N/m)

RT 90° Peel on PP Panel

16.7N/25mm (668N/m)

90° Release (FT from ZT)

1.5N/25mm (60N/m)

90° Release (ZT from RT)

1.3N/25mm (52N/m)


PP Adhesive Roll Up Z-fold Disposal Tape For Pull-up Diaper Pants Secure Easy Disposal

Product Details:

SUNREE Tapes offers a range of closure solutions for baby and adult care that add functionality and provide high performance in both diapers and pants. Our portfolio includes conventional two layer closure systems and mechanical closures with hooks and/or an elastic center section. In addition, we also provide complementary components for diaper closures.

Z-folded tape closure system, extendible to 2.5 times its original length, SUNREE Z-fold tape allows easy and hassle-free closing of baby and adult pull-up diapers upon disposal.

  • Pre-folded Z-shaped construction, extendible to about 2-2.5 times its original size allowing to bridge and wrap large parcels, wrapping and disposal tape applications.
  • Anti-flagging adhesive and silicone coated in Z-fold construction eliminate pop-opens during conversion.
  • Color fingerlift highlighting the opening position in the tape.
  • The adhesive of the permanent and fastening area provides an optimal closure on PE and nonwoven back sheet.
  • Different widths are available.
  • SUNREE Z-tape can be customized upon request.

Storage and Shelf Life: the shelf life of SUNREE Z-fold tape is one year when stored in original packaging at 21°C (70℉), 50% relative humidity, and out of direct sunlight.

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