Diamond Apertured Hydrophilic Hot Air Through Nonwoven Fabric


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Air through bonding


0.8~2.2Dtex ES fiber



Basic Weight




Roll Diameter

Max. 1100mm


Hydrophobic backsheet and waistband


Baby diaper, Feminine sanitary napkins, Underpads


Diamond Apertured Hydrophilic Hot Air Through Nonwoven Fabric

Product Details:

Hot air through nonwoven is mostly made from bicomponent ES fiber. Through-air bonding is a type of thermal bonding method. After the fiber is carded, hot air passes perpendicularly through the fiber web, causing the low melting point fiber portion or polymer to melt rapidly, and cooling the web for consolidation. It is characterized by high fluffiness, good elasticity, soft hand feel, and good air permeability. However, compared with PP spunbond nonwoven, its strength is low and easy to deform.

Also known as air through nonwoven, atb nonwoven, hot air nonwoven

Weak Acid Hot Air Through Nonwoven Fabric

Maintains skin PH balance and protects skin health, it is widely used in personal care products, top sheet of baby diapers, adult incontinence diapers and sanitary napkins.

The skin surface of the human body forms a weakly acidic sebum between PH 4.5-6. The weakly acidic sebum protects the skin from alkaline bacteria and bacterial invasion or external stimuli. If the PH balance is broken, it can weaken or destroy this protective barrier of the skin, causing various skin problems or making the skin more and more sensitive. Therefore, this product adds weak acidic ingredients according to the characteristics of the skin, and after the product comes into contact with the skin, it will not destroy the weak acidic sebum of the skin, and play a very good role in protecting the skin.

  • Weak acid oil: silicone-free, ADM-free, long-lasting strong hydrophilic performance
  • Vitamin E: fat-soluble vitamin, protect the skin, antioxidant, elimination of free radicals, reduce pigmentation
  • PH5.5: mild and weakly acidic, reduce alkaline stimulation, maintains the skin’s natural protection

Antibacterial Hot Air Through Nonwoven Fabric

Contains botanical antimicrobial ingredients to prevent bacterial growth. It is widely used in personal care products, top sheet and back sheet of adult baby diapers and feminine sanitary pads.

Baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins and other hygiene products in the production, storage, use of the process (environment, equipment, human body, etc.) are unavoidable existence of a variety of bacteria. The use of the process of rapid reproduction of bacteria, bacteria in excess will lead to skin infections and other skin problems, causing harm to human health. This antimicrobial hot air nonwoven fabric contains antimicrobial ingredients with added plant antimicrobial agent (yellow chrysanthemum extracted alpha-bisabolol antimicrobial agent), so it has natural and long-lasting antimicrobial function for Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, fungi, molds, etc., preventing the growth of bacteria, and it plays a good role in protecting human skin, which is also safer and gentler.

Blood Lighter Colored Hot Air Through Nonwoven Fabric

Fast infusion for enhanced comfort. It is widely used on surface of ladies pads, sanitary napkins and pantyliner.

Develop a formulation that can lighten the color of blood and dissolve blood clots, and spray it on hydrophilic fibers to increase the functionality and added value of the product. The product visually lightens the color and reduces the viscosity of blood so that it can be quickly introduced into the absorption layer.

Super Dry Hot Air Through Nonwoven Fabric

Keep the baby’s skin dry to reduce the probability of rash. It is widely used in personal care products, top sheet of baby diaper and pull-ups pant.

This hot air nonwoven fiber with a single point of penetration type agent, liquid penetration from a small area of rapid penetration into the infusion layer and absorption layer, other parts still remain dry state, can keep the skin lasting dry, help reduce the probability of rash.

Extreme Softness Hot Air Through Nonwoven Fabric

Ultra-fine ES fiber for a silky touch. It is widely used in personal care products, back sheet of baby diaper and sanitary napkin.


  • Hydrophobic hot air through nonwoven fabric, widely applied as waistband of baby pull-ups pant, diapers back sheet lamination, with excellent softness, comfortable properties, and tender care for baby’s delicate skin.
  • Hydrophilic hot air through nonwoven fabric, widely applied as top sheet of baby diapers, adult diapers, feminine care products sanitary napkin, pantyliner, etc.

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