BASF N7059 SAP Superabsorbent Polymer


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BASF HySorb N7059/N9630

Centrifugal Retention Capacity (CRC)


Absorbent Under Pressure (AAP 0.3psi)


Bulk Density


Moisture Content




Residual Monomer


Paricle Size Distrubution 150-850μm

≥93.5% (wt)

Paricle Size Distrubution >600μm

≤15.5% (wt)


BASF N7059 Baby Diaper Adult Nappy Sanitary Napkins Panty Shield Dog Pad SAP Superabsorbent Polymer

Product Details:

BASF 7059 super absorbent polymer is widely used in baby diaper, baby pants, adult diaper and adult pants.

  • Chemical Nature: It is a cross-linked, partially neutralized polyacrylic acid, sodium salt.
  • Product Form: It is in a form of white and odorless granules.
  • Description: It is a premium sodium polyacrylate which has been designed for use in absorbent products, such as baby diapers and adult incontinence products where dryness and leakage prevention are critical performance features. Due to its excellent retention properties it shows best performance in cores with relatively low superabsorbent concentration.
  • Performance: It own excellent absorption properties and advanced dryness and leakage characteristics. It shows best performance in hygienic products where a high centrifuge retention capacity is required.
  • Product Safety: It has been widely tested and are considered to be non-toxic by ingestion or application to the skin and not irritating or sensitizing to the skin. Testing against various ecological indicator organisms indicates that the material does not represent any environmental hazard.
  • Packaging: It is available in 850kg super sack big bag.
  • Storage: It is slightly hygroscopic and must be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse to prevent rain, snow and moisture. It is insoluble in water and swells immediately when it comes into contact with water.
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