Bamboo Charcoal Plant-based Fiber Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric


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Bamboo-charcoal plant-based fiber

Basic Weight

30-100gsm, or customized


80-3200mm, customized


Plain, Mesh, Embossed




Parallel lapped or cross lapped


Wet wipes, Baby wipes, Disposable towel, Baby diaper, sanitary napkins, Facial mask


Bamboo Charcoal Plant-based Fiber Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

Product Details:

Bamboo charcoal plant-based fiber spunlace nonwoven fabric is mostly used in wet wipes and facial mask, it can be used in baby diaper, incontinence briefs and sanitary napkins.

Bamboo charcoal fiber is made from bamboo as raw material, through new technology of high temperature carbonization and nitrogen calcination, forming bamboo charcoal, and using nanotech, it can be micro-powder, and then by the melt spinning , mainly use viscose or polyester as a carrier, mixed with bamboo charcoal micropowder. Due to bamboo charcoal’s unique structure, it has various excellent properties such as antibacterial, moisture absorption, breathability, and eco-friendly.

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