Full Servo High Speed Automatic Adult Baby Diaper Pull-ups Pants Underpads Stacker


Additional information

Working Speed

1000pcs/min, 50push/min, 25push/min (one exit)

Electric System

Motion controlled system, touch screen, servo drive (13 axles)

Power Supply

18KW, 380V, 50/60HZ

Air Pressure


Machine Weight


Machine Dimension (L×W×H)



Full Servo High Speed Automatic Adult Baby Diaper Pull-ups Pants Underpads Stacker

Product Details:

Utilization of Industry-leading Design Concepts

With tailor-made stacker fingers and transmission design together with multi-cam linkage servo control, to achieve the leading domestic production speed of 1000pcs/min.

Multi Servo Drive and High Stability

The adoption of Mitsubishi or Siemens motion-controlled PLC and Bus servo system ensures the stability and efficiency of production, with the qualification rate reaching as high as 99%.

Extensive Applicability

The machine is applicable to pack over 95% of the mainstream products in this line, including baby diaper, adult diaper, pull-ups pants and underpads, etc.

Ease of Changing Mechanical Components

Modularization and simplicity in adjusting the design are adopted, which can greatly reduce the time for changing the mechanical components to match the production requirements on site.

Intelligent Algorithm

With higher intelligence of algorithm adopted, the stacker can start counting from the next product when there is a missing product in a row, to reduce the amount of product being ejected.

Modular Design

Modular design allows for automatic upgrades by docking the automatic packing machine directly to the stacker.

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