30-120 Sheets Per Bag Automatic 16 Lanes Wet Wipes Production Line


30-120pcs/bag 16 Lanes Wet Wipes Machine

Additional information

Suitable Package

30-120 pcs/min, the height ≤90mm

Applied Material

Spunlace or flushable nonwoven fabric, hot-rolled nonwoven and airlaid paper

Nonwoven Specification

Width 800-1760mm, max φ1100mm, core φ76mm, online slitting

Working Speed

450 cuts/min, 50-75 bags/min

Folded Size

L 100-230mm, W 80-110mm

Package Size

L 140-380mm, W 80-110mm, H 20-90mm

Rated Power

AC380V (customizable), 50/60Hz, Three-phase five-wire, 35KW

External Dimension

L 19500mm, W 2700mm, H 1960mm

Compressed Air

0.5-0.8Mpa, 0.01m3/min

Optional Devices

Automatic web guider, Nonwoven stain detection system, Metal detector and Checkweigher & Reject, Date code printer, Package visual inspection and reject

Applied Sticking Label

Transparent Label and non-transparent Label

Applied Package Film

PET/PE BOPP PET/AL/PE Heat-sealable materials

Stir the Stock Solution

620L×2 stainless steel mixing tanks


Product Details:

This wet wipe production line produces disposable household cleaning wipes or baby wipes. Companies need to increase production capacity to meet their increasing demand, It is a cost-effective solution. Full-featured servo drive and speed 50-75 packs/min. The material rack and the film shaft are automatically connected, reducing the time for replacing raw materials and effectively improving work efficiency; online inspection of material joints and online removal of the connection interface ensure the quality of the product.

Electric System

Electric safety circuit protection, CE certification

Control System

Multi-axis servo motion controller, full servo motor control


LCD Color touch screen display interface

Unwinding Device

Independent automatic tension control system

Auto Splicing

Nonwovens and packing film non-stop auto splicing with spliced joint automatic rejection system. Two sets of label applicators which can be operated by auto-switch mode or synchronous mode

Automatic Web Guider

Automatic web guiders for jumbo roll and four lanes after slitting, to ensure high-speed stable running and folding accuracy

Wipes Cutting Module


Cleaning and Disinfection

Hygiene grade design, easy to disassemble conveyor belts that contact with liquid are designed in accord with hygiene standard

Wetting Flow Control

The electronic flowmeter control wetting flow, reduce the recycled liquid, wetting range 2.5-4.5 times

Liquid Level Control

Electric liquid level sensor control liquid level automatically

Pipeline Disinfection

Pipeline and pump use hygiene grade lowest point drain out design and 3D design standard, no residue and free of the dead corner, apply to pasteurization or CIP (Clean In Place)

Spectral Decomposition Detection

Nonwoven, label, packing film, wetting weight, online packaging monitoring

End Seal Protection Function

Protection function to prevent the end seal device from cut onto wet wipes

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