Sunree is fully based on product quality, according to ISO9001 standards from raw material purchasing to packing and warehousing. We are equipped with conventional quality testing machines and have set up different chemical and biological laboratories, where the microbial count and pathogenic bacteria of products and the water, raw material, staff, and air involved can be tested in a timely, precise, and adequate manner.


Supplier Qualification Inspection


Lab Test


Incoming Quality Inspection


First Article Inspection


In-process Inspection


Last Article Inspection


Finished Products Incoming Inspection


Finished Products Delivery Inspection

Advanced Production Line

Advanced production line and technology is the guarantee of products with good quality, Sunree production line adopts advanced Japanese Carson die technology, equiped with calender from Italian COMERIO, advanced online finishing equipment to produce single fiber with higher degree of fineness and SS, SSS, SMMS, SSMMS series of nonwoven fabric with higher degree of softness, excellent uniformity of web forming, precise pressure and temperature control, constant tension control, precise cutting, to ensure the stability of the spunbond, spunlace, meltblown, ES hot air through nonwoven fabrics, PE film and provide customers with personalized product solutions.

Product basis weight range from 10-100gsm, post-finishing device allows hydrophilic, aloe hydrophilic, olive oil, mint hydrophilic, antimicrobial property, deodorization and other functions, to meet the special needs of functional products from customers.

Laboratory and Test Equipment

We increasingly increases investment in product quality inspection. The production lines are equipped with advanced defect detection devices. In addition, professional mosquito eradication companies are employed to install mosquito killers in the workshops and take mosquito eradication measures in the external environment for eliminating mosquito contamination.

Sunree is fully based on product quality, equipped with the Austrian company LENZING electronic moisture penetration, rewet meter instrument, the United States Thwing-Albert handle-0-meter softness tester, abrasion tester and have set up different chemical and biological laboratories, where the microbial count and pathogenic bacteria of products and the water, raw material, staff and air involved can be tested in a timely, precise and adequate manner.

Materials and Components

Premium quality can only be born by combining skilled work with the best materials available.

Each material and component used in making our nonwoven fabric, PE film, laminated film, hook and loop tape for diaper, diaper frontal tape, sap paper, airlaid paper, package and machines are carefully selected by our experts to ensure it’s top-quality.

At Sunree, we use:

  • 100% new and non-toxic materials
  • The world famous brands parts and appliances

All materials and components will go through strict in-house inspections. Only qualified polypropylene, polyethylene, viscose fiber, polyester fiber, bamboo fiber, PLA fiber, components, etc. will be put into mass production.

CNC Processing

CNC processing ability of machines, subcontract processing including turn-milling, five axis, and gantry CNC machining center are introduced from Mazak, Moirisiki and Tsugami in Japan which are the world’s most advanced equipment. They realized the high speed, high efficiency, high quality spare parts processing capacity, and ensure equipment parts processing precision and reduce labor costs.

A skillful and well-experienced professional team with more than 10-20 years manufacturing experience in house hold paper machining and assembling, they all have specialty in appointed items to ensure the equipment precision machining and assembly accuracy.

All the equipment has to pass strict inspection before they leave the factory to ensure product efficient, high quality, high performance and stable production.

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