Weak Acid Hydrophilic ATB Hot Air Through Nonwoven Fabric For Baby Diaper Sanitary Pads


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Baby Diaper, Sanitary Napkins


Weak Acid Hydrophilic ATB Hot Air Through Nonwoven Fabric For Baby Diaper Sanitary Pads

Product Details:

Through Air Bonding Nonwoven Fabric

Through air bonding is a type of thermal bonding that involves the application hot air to the surface of the nonwoven fabric. During the through air bonding process, hot air flows through holes in a plenum above the nonwoven fibers.

Equipped with double-carding air through nonwoven production lines, nonwoven with gradient surface can be produced with different fibers, giving more outstanding performance to air through nonwoven fabric.

Weak Acid Agent

  • Silicone-free
  • ADM-free
  • Long lasting hydrophilic

Vitamin E

  • Fat-soluble vitamin
  • Antioxidant
  • Scavenging free radical
  • Reduce pigmentation


  • Mild and weak acid
  • Alkaline reduction

The human skin surface forms a weakly acidic sebum between ph4.5 and 6, which acts as a protection against alkaline bacteria and bacterial invasion or external irritation. If the ph balance is disrupted, it can weaken or destroy this protective barrier to the skin, causing various skin problems or making the skin increasingly sensitive. Therefore, this product is made with weak acidic ingredients according to the characteristics of the skin, and the product will not destroy the weak acidic sebum of the skin when it comes into contact with the skin, so it can play a very good role in protecting the skin.


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