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Elastic Spandex

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It is widely used in covering (traditional covering yarn, air-jet covering yarn and core-spun yarn), weaving and knitting (C/K and W/K), diapers hygiene industry. Spandex specification is from 10D to 1680D, with stable and uniformity, and professional former DUPONT Lycra top American experts team.

Spandex for diapers series is produced by implementing significant changes in raw materials, polymerization formulas, and spinning processes based on original coarse denier products, which improves softness on the condition that the elasticity property of spandex is ensured, and provides spandex with certain anti-microbial properties through the addition of special accessories. It is widely used for baby diaper, adult diaper, pull-ups pant, adult pant, period panties.

  • This elastic spandex can be directly used to product hygienic material products with good wearing properties and comfort;
  • Spandex can be adhered well with non-woven fabrics, without slippage;
  • The solvent residual rate and oil content of this series of product are low;
  • Soft fit and high yield
  • Better creep performance
  • Provide greater efficiencies
  • It has passed Oeko-Tek standard 100 international environmental protection level I certification, environmental-friendly, nontoxic, healthy and hygienic;
  • The specification range is from 420D to 840D, roll weight range of this product series is between 1.5kg and 3kg, which can be adjusted according to the client’s demands.

The high temperature-resistant spandex (heat resistant) provides clients with excellent processing properties. Its elasticity and strength can remain above 80% after dyeing under 130℃. It is widely apply to circular knitting fabric and covering yarn, which is suitable for knitting with various materials, especially the fabrics which request strict dyeing conditions.

  • The dyeing temperature can reach 130℃, the soaking time is less than 45 min, the thermal-setting temperature can reach 185℃, and the action time is less than 50s (The pilot test is recommended for different conditions of dyeing and finishing);
  • After strict dyeing and finishing conditions, the spandex yarn in the fabric will not be yellowed or get sticky, and its elasticity and strength remain good;
  • This series of product effectively prevent the spandex yarn from breaking during dyeing under high temperature;
  • This series of products has stable quality and uniform.

High load power series of elastic higher elastic restoring force. The elasticity of the fabric is improved about 20% compared with those under the same draw-ratio. These products can be widely applied to fabrics with heavy requirements on elasticity. It can be applied to circular knitting and covering yarn, suitable for the fabrics with high elasticity requirements such as swimwear, sportwear, coats, etc., also can make top-grade belts and laces.

  • This elastic spandex has big elastic elongation, high intensity and good recovering effect;
  • Fabrics produced by this series have fine wearing ability and durability;
  • The cloth surface is close-knit with heavy feeling.

Various kinds of elastic spandex with different benefits

  • Extraordinary color reflection
  • Deeper darker color shades in blend with nylon
  • Better color fastness after washing
  • Elimination of grin-through


  • Elimination of shiny grin-through
  • Deeper and darker black on products
  • A variety of textile designs


  • Higher power, retention and heat resistance for power fit
  • Excellent color and wash fastness with polyester
  • Chlorine resistance


  • Delivers a higher level of chlorine resistance
  • Longer lasting fit, comfort and shape retention
  • Provides compression and shaping in garments


  • Softer hand-feel and drape with heat-sensitive fibers
  • Improve curling problem
  • Better molding performance
  • Cost saving and improved productivity


  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Lager size after steam setting than regular spandex
  • Comfortable fit with soft power


  • Superior elongation
  • Soft touch and excellent drape
  • Comfortable fit from soft elasticity and power


  • Easy to find spandex breakage of CSY  under UV light
  • Enhances customer productivity and quality control
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